10 Essential Foods for Detoxing

Your restaurant meal was too heavy? A little detox does not hurt to regain fitness and avoid gaining weight. So, to purge and detoxify your body, here are the top 10 unavoidable foods!

1. Water

So obvious that we sometimes forget about it. Water is, however, the first thing you should think about when you begin a detox cure. Whether you take it fresh and natural, in tea, herbal tea or even in soup, hydrate yourself to the maximum to purify your body!

2. Carrots

Packed with antioxidants, the carrot is a very practical (and tasty) vegetable for a little detox! It helps to drain the toxins contained in the kidneys, but is also rich in fiber, which promotes the proper functioning of the intestinal transit.

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3. White rice

Very practical not to feel hungry, white rice has the advantage of not being difficult to digest, and it goes with many other detox foods, such as onions or fennel! With a simple filet of olive oil and a pinch of salt, here is a delicious dish to savor during your detox cure.

4. Pineapples

This exotic fruit is particularly renowned for its virtues facilitating transit and digestion. After a somewhat heavy meal or some excess during the holidays, it is, therefore, a great choice to purge the body of its toxins. For a good digestion, choose pineapples!

5. Lemons

If there is a food that reigns over the kingdom of detox, it is the lemon! It allows, among other things, to deflate the digestive system after a well-watered evening, and its virtues to evacuate the remains of alcohol no longer need proving. With its great ability to eliminate toxins from the body, take a small lemon cure!

6. Avocados

The avocado is a well-known antioxidant that helps maintain your figure and eliminate toxins (especially those related to alcohol and cigarettes). It is also a choice for fluidizing the kidney system.

7. Natural yogurts

Attention, choose here a true organic yoghurt, full of good probiotics to improve intestinal transit! If you have made some excesses recently, you can start the day with a good yogurt and a spoon of honey, or a few pieces of fruit. Avoid lighter or industrial yogurts, which will have no detoxifying effect.

8. Black radishes

If the name does not necessarily make your mouth water, you should know that the black radish is a very popular food for detox cures. Its nutrients allow the liver to regenerate more quickly and to evacuate the toxins it contains. So, in salad, soup or juice, do not skimp on black radishes!

9. Onions

Rich in fiber, a specialist in evacuating the toxins contained by the body, stuffed with natural antiseptics, potassium and vitamins, the onion is a food which is better not to refuse. It is often used in diets to maintain your figure, and allows you to purge your body quickly of all its impurities.

10. Apples

To reduce the absorption of fat after some excess and improve the intestinal transit, thanks to its richness of fiber, do not hesitate to crunch in a ripe apple! Be careful to eat it with the skin, to enjoy all the nutrients it contains.

Now you have a great list to perform a real detox cure, while enjoying tasty food!

6 Tips to Avoid Bloating

There are days when we feel uncomfortable with our body. It seems that we have increased a few more measurements, especially around the belly, which looks swollen. The reasons can be diverse, like retention of liquids or gases, among others. You need the best natural fat burner pills to improve your digestive system. If you feel this is the case for you, you may find the solution in some of the 6 tricks to avoid bloating that we have for you.

1. Avoid bread and confectionery sweets

Carbohydrates such as white bread, rice, cookies, as well as cakes and other sweets contain gluten and yeast, which cause digestion to become slow and make you feel heavy. It is best to eat baked pastry moderately and occasionally.

In addition, cakes contain large amounts of sugars and fats, which makes them doubly bad: in fact, you are gaining weight and, in addition, feel that your belly’s swelling while you eat them.

2. Sleep enough and avoid constipation

During your nocturnal rest, your bowel functions normalize. That is why it is important to rest for 8 hours, since many times the constipation is caused by stress, which is released when we sleep. Sleep well, free yourself from constipation, and this will result in less swelling.

3. Do not “swallow air” and say goodbye to chewing gum

In addition to your high sugar level that will make you gain weight, chewing gum or sucking candies will fill you with gas. The same goes for drinking sorbet or eating fast. These habits cause swelling. Better to put them aside and feel comfortable without unnecessary swellings.

4. Drink plenty of water and avoid fluid retention

Water cleanses your body and helps balance hormones that are not working well and cause fluid retention, which often makes us feel bloated. In addition, drinking several glasses of water during the day will help detoxify your body and, indirectly, lose weight. Of course, do not drink too much water before bed or you will have to get up to go to the bathroom during the night.

5. Avoid some condiments and other meals like…

Black pepper, nutmeg, tomato sauce, vinegar, mustard, onion and spicy sauces, as they increase stomach acid and generate the feeling that your food is coming back into your throat, as well as an uncomfortable swelling.

On the other hand, consuming fiber is good, but it is also a double-edged sword, as it helps regulate intestinal transit and prevents abdominal swelling, yet ingesting large amounts can cause flatulence and an upset stomach.

If you want to include fiber in your diet, do it moderately a few times until your body gets used to it. In addition, vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower also generate gases that can make you feel bloated.

6. Eat slowly and in small quantities

If your plates of food are large, in addition to overeating, it will take longer to digest the food. That is why it is best to eat in small quantities well distributed throughout the day, to help your stomach digest properly and without fuss.

In addition, nutritionists recommend eating 5 times a day in order to have the feeling of satiety and not to munch on sweets or other snacks. The best thing about that is that you will avoid swelling and weight gain!

You may use the best weight loss pills that actually work in 2023 with your meals to burn extra body fats and avoid many obesity adverse consequences. Remember that swelling is a symptom that something else is happening in your body. Whether it’s a digestive problem, chronic constipation or weight problems, it’s best to always go to the doctor to get a clear diagnosis and start treating the underlying problem.

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