10 Games to Learn Spanish with

Spanish is used in many corners of the world. In two countries, Spanish is used as the official language. About 442 million people around the globe use Spanish for daily communication. Learning Spanish is a good decision at this time. Language learning is a long process that you have to practice on a daily basis. Repeating the same thing every day can be boring, and it can reduce your desire to learn Spanish.

To make it more fun, there are games you can play and learn Spanish from. Games are sure a fun way to include in your language learning but to learn with 1-on-1 tutoring be sure to check out Spanish Tutors from AmazingTalker. They also have English tutors.

  • Word toss

Spanish word toss is a game for kids to learn new words. This game is especially for vocabulary practice, so anyone can play this game for practice. It will kill your boredom and you will enjoy and learn at the very same moment. You can play this game online just by searching. There you have to select a section and play.

  •  Cycle Race

Do not judge the game by its name; it is not a physical game; it is a word game. There is no age limit for this game, and it is super fun to play. People of every age like this game as it helps them to learn a new language and cut through boredom.

  • Fast Hands

In this game, players have to match the pictures as they hear or read the words. This is a fun game to play and has good competition among the players. It helps learners understand the context even better. You can play this game to boost your mood and learn at the same time.

  • Word search + Hangman

This is my favorite old-school game of all time. This is basically a word puzzle where some letters will be missing and you have to guess the words. Whoever guesses them first wins the game. This is a good game to enjoy and improve your vocabulary with. Learners of every age love this game.

  • The Dialogue Game

The dialogue game is basically like a roleplay. Here, the first player has to read the dialogue, and the second player has to read the second dialogue. This improves the reading skills and speaking skills of a learner. It is very effective for learning new words too. You can play this game with your friends or with anyone online.

  • Spanish Scrabble

Just like the English scrabble, there is a Spanish scrabble. The only difference in the game is the words and values; everything else is the same. You can play online Spanish scrabble too. It helps the players learn Spanish faster and stronger. It is a good game to cut through your boredom and learn faster.

  • 4 Fotos 1 Palabra

4 fotos 1 palabra is a Spanish word game. It is more like a riddle game. There will be 4 photos, and you have to guess 1 word from each of them. This is a fun game to play and learn from. It will test your IQ too. You can download these types of games and play them alone or with other players around the world.


Here you can play various types of quiz games. The good news is that the United Nations World Food Programme will donate 10 grains of rice to poor families for every correct answer you provide. Here you can play, learn and help the needy without spending anything. We highly recommend you play this game.

  • Rockalingua

This is a website where you can play many Spanish learning word games. These games are the online versions of physical games. Here you will find many games to improve your Spanish and kill your boredom too. Most English learners use this website for playing Spanish word games.

  • Sopa de letras

This is a Spanish word game. Here you will be given words on one page where you have to find the words and mark them. This is a fun and peaceful game. It will improve your vocabulary a lot. Playing this game is a smart decision for new learners. You can play this game online by just searching for the name.


As we mentioned earlier, learning Spanish is a good decision. You can lose interest due to boredom, so we introduced you to some games. These games will help you to learn Spanish and practice it on your own. It will also help you to cut through your boring time and make it more enjoyable. You will surely like one of the games we discussed. If you want to learn Spanish from a tutor, we’ve got you covered. For the best results, visit AmazingTalker. It is an online learning platform that has some of the best tutors in the world to teach Spanish, English, and many other languages.

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