5 Things to Consider Before Buying Women’s Shapewear

Did you know that 83% of American women say they feel unhappy about the way their body looks?

Although this is usually a sad and unnecessary product of aggressive marketing and social media, it’s also a fact. Fortunately, there are a few simple solutions to help you feel great about the way you look.

Women’s shapewear is rapidly gaining popularity, and you can now buy shapewear to help contain and conceal any lump or bump you aren’t satisfied with. But, don’t get stuck in a bad situation (or bodysuit) when you buy the wrong type of shapewear.

Read on for a quick guide to buying the best women’s shapewear in 2022.

  • Targeted Areas

First, prioritize which areas of your body you’d like to re-shape. You can buy shapewear for women that works for almost any area of the body – but you have to prioritize.

It’s rare that your outer clothing choice would allow a full shapewear bodysuit. Women usually choose shapewear underwear, shorts, torso bodysuits, waist cinchers, or arm wraps.

  • Sizing

Next, don’t make the mistake of buying the size of shapewear that you want to be. Shop for the size you currently are. If you’re on the larger side, don’t worry; you can buy women’s plus-size shapewear at most retailers.

  • Cost

How much are you prepared to spend on shapewear? Because the possibilities are endless. Head to Amazon, and you’ll find shapewear for less than a dollar. On the flip side, go designer and you could spend hundreds (if not thousands).

If you want low-cost products without compromising quality, find a shapewear sale and start shopping.

  • Materials

Don’t forget to consider what materials your shapewear is made of. If you need high-maintenance re-shaping for a specific outfit, something corsetted may be necessary.

However, a strong polyester alternative would be a comfier option for everyday wear. Bear in mind that cheap polyester tends to rip, so spend a bit more if you’re choosing polyester shapewear.

  • Brand

Finally, does the company you shop with matter to you? Although some people only care about the product they receive, sustainable shopping is an increasing trend.

If this matters to you, check whether they have statements about their ethical and sustainability practices on their website. If you want the best shapewear experience, knowing your product hasn’t originated from harmful practices is good.

Feel Great With Women’s Shapewear Today

Women’s shapewear can be the answer to most physical insecurities; whether it’s your waist or arms that you want to “re-shape”, you can do it with these innovative products.

Simply put on your shapewear, easily slip into that dress that’s just an inch too small, and you’re ready to go! But when you get home, don’t forget to take off your shapewear and love your natural body too.

Did you find this article helpful? If so, take a look at the other health and beauty content on our page for more useful tips.


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