7 Business Ideas You Can Start Yourself in 2022

Do you daydream of starting your own business but find yourself dipping into nightmare territory when you think of working in a traditional partnership? Though collaborative business ventures have a time and place, building your own empire without having to share the success appeals to many ambitious entrepreneurs. 

Fortunately, with a bit of patience, a lot of hard work, and some helpful tools for solopreneurs, you’ll be on your way to building a self-run business. Read on for seven entrepreneurial ideas to consider in 2022. 


Marketing your knowledge is a fantastic way to start a business independently. If you can translate your expertise or know-how into something teachable, it’s a great way to make a profit. 

For example, mathematics and science-related subjects are known as brutal for people to grasp without extra assistance explaining the theory and concepts of the issues. 

Assuming you are versed in complex or niche topics, you can quickly start your own tutoring business to turn a profit. 

Travel consultant

Not everyone has the opportunity to travel, but when they do, they want to ensure their trip is worth the cost and have a great experience. If you’re well-informed on fantastic travel locations, you may be able to start your own traveling consulting business. 

People value their time and money, so providing a service to those who aren’t as experienced can be a fun and relatively simple money-maker. Whether you’re finding traveling spots, seeking hot-spot restaurants, booking hotels, or even understanding the local areas, you can potentially turn a profit. 


While opening an entire bakery may seem daunting, there are plenty of ways to profit from baked goods. Plus, you don’t need an entire building or shop to open a bakery. 

You can quickly start a baking business from the comfort of your kitchen and expand from there when necessary. 

Specialized consultant

For those who have industry experience or specialized skills, you have the option to loan out your knowledge and expertise.

For example, many businesses are looking for SEO copywriting services, and being able to provide expertise in this subject will prove to be beneficial to your solopreneur career. 

Specialized consultants thrive because they can maintain a refined clientele in desperate need of their particular skill set. 

Web designer

There is an abundance of businesses currently operating, many of which need websites. As a result, freelance web developers are incredibly profitable in 2022.  

If you have the skills necessary to create a website for small businesses or individuals, you may see an excellent return on profits.

Freelance writer

Not many take the time to learn writing, but it’s an imperative skill. Becoming a freelance writer is an excellent route to take if you value creativity and seek a flexible work schedule. 

Many companies bring in freelancers to write everything from memos, blog posts, site copy, and more, so the options are endless for budding writers. 


Starting a blog is an increasingly popular way to get your foot in the influencing door.  Depending on your blog’s subject, you can sell ad space and promote products and services for other businesses as an affiliate or build a profitable platform with dedicated fans. 


A prevalent business model making the rounds amongst many entrepreneurs is e-commerce. Whether you have a product or service to sell or find potential in others’ creations, you can put together a profitable e-commerce store. 

Wrap up

Starting a business and sticking to the solo route may be easier than you once thought. By honing your skills, marketing them appropriately, and finding your niche in the solopreneurship world, you’ll be on your way to a profitable self-run business. 


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