A Closer Look at Suzette Quintanilla

Throughout her lifetime, Suzette Quintanilla has been a hugely successful singer, actress, model, and entrepreneur. With her music career, she has earned a number of awards and accolades. She has also worked with various brands to help promote their products and services using the image of her daughter, Selena. She is a true icon and is an inspiration to many.


During her teenage years, Suzette Quintanilla was very much interested in music. She learned to play the drums from her father. She later became the drummer in the family band, Selena y Los Dinos. But she left the band in 1995.

When she was a teenager, Suzette Quintanilla started performing in local street corners. She also performed at fairs and weddings. Her siblings also joined her in singing. They eventually formed a band and began performing at weddings and other events in the community.

Suzette was born on June 29, 1967 in Lake Jackson, Texas. She is the daughter of Abraham Quintanilla Jr., a Mexican-American musician and singer. Her father was a well-known musician. Her mother, Marcella Ofelia Samora, is a well-known songwriter. She also contributed as a model. Her siblings were raised as Jehova’s Witnesses.

After school, Suzette concentrated on her music career. She played guitar and vocals. She became a member of the family band, Selena y los Dinos, and released three albums.

Music career

During her lifetime, Suzette Quintanilla was a professional musician, drummer and singer. She began her music career after completing her academic studies. She has also played the guitar, bass and drums. She has been credited for her success in the Tejano industry.

In addition to her music career, Suzette Quintanilla has been involved in charity work. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Q-productions, Inc., a company founded by her father. She also serves as a manager of the Selena museum, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to protecting the legacy of the late singer. She has worked to preserve the memory of Selena by actively attending memorial events. She is also involved with the Selena Foundation, which helps children in times of crisis. She is also responsible for the collection of Selena’s memorabilia at the museum.

She is a member of the Christian religion. She has three dogs. She lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. She has been married to Bill Arriaga since 1993. They have a son named Jovan. Their net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Work with brands using Selena’s image

Merchandising and collaboration deals have been made with brands using the image of the late Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla. But the family of the late singer has accused an impersonator of stealing their rights to her name.

According to the family’s letter, the impersonator’s actions were illegal. “It is a clear violation of our rights to her likeness,” said the letter. Moreover, the family claimed the act could lead to irreparable harm. It’s not the first time the family has shopped the Selena story.

The Quintanillas hired a law firm to protect their name. A Texas judge has ruled that the suit can move forward. However, if the court sides with the impersonator, it could result in the shutting down of music groups.

The impersonator is Amanda Solis, who shares a striking resemblance to Selena. She has been blasted by A.B. on Facebook Live for signing CDs for a special needs fan. In addition, she added the words “Selena tribute act” to her promotional materials.

Relationship with Bill Arriaga

Despite being a celebrity husband, Bill Arriaga has kept a lot of details of his family and career life a secret. The exact date of his birth and his educational background are still unknown. Nevertheless, he has managed to become a superstar after getting married to Suzette Quintanilla.

Bill Arriaga and Suzette Quintanilla have been married for almost two decades. They have one son, Jovan Arriaga. It is believed that the duo have a close bond with their son. Moreover, their relationship remains solid even after the tragic death of their beloved sister Selena.

As of 2021, Bill Arriaga has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Moreover, he is a national of the United States of America. His height is 5’8” and he weighs 68 kilos. He is an American national who has a mixed ethnicity. He follows Christianity religion. He is also planning to go back to his hometown and take up a higher education.

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