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Who is Kadence Clover Hawk

Do you know who Kadence Clover Hawk is? She is the daughter of a well-known sportsman and celebrity. Her father’s name is Anthony Frank Hawk, but he is more commonly known as Tony Hawk. Her father is an entrepreneur, a professional skateboarder, and also the owner skateboard company named Birdhouse. Besides this, He also worked in films and other media like video game series.

The early life of the Kadence Clover Hawk

On June 30, 2008, Kadence Clover Hawk came into existence. She was born in La Jolla, California, United States, and is the daughter of (Nee Merriam) Lhotse Hawk. She is a well-known figure in the field of extreme sports. She was one of the main contributors to Peak Experience (2003), which became an international success. 

In addition, she has worked on ESPN X-Games (1994) and ESPN International Winter Sports (2002). Five siblings of her are present, including an electronic music artist known as “Gupi.” Spencer Hawk, better known by his stage name Gupi, is an American electronic musician who is a half-brother of Kadence Clover Hawk. 

He spent his free time producing electronic music throughout high school and middle school. Her stepbrothers are Calvin Goodman and Miles Goodman. Other than this, the other half-brother is Keegan Hawk. A professional skateboarder is Kadence’s half-brother. He runs a steel mill coffee shop in Oceanside and is a businessman.

Physical stats of Kadence Clover Hawk

She is a famous youngster who weighed 8 lbs, 8 oz, and measured 21 inches long when she was born. She has medium brown hair with a fair skin tone. Brown lovely eyes, an oval face, and because of her physical stats, she looks amazing in casual wear.

Her relationship with her father

Tony Hawk and Kadence Clover Hawk have a very close relationship. They frequently seem to be having fun all the time. On his Instagram account, Tony Hawk shares breathtaking moments with his daughter, which become viral every time he does so.

He also shares stunning images of her daughter with a sweet comment, which makes the fan go wild. A picture in which Tony Hawk was skateboarding without a helmet with her four-year-old and when her father posted a photo of himself on social media received widespread attention and criticism. She was scared of falling off the stake board and didn’t have a safety kit.

“People criticized Tony for risking his daughter’s safety,” he replies to them with irony. He said, “for all those who claim I put my kid in danger: there is a more chance that you will fall at the time walking on the sidewalk than I’ll at the time skating with my daughter.”

In the video of 2019, Kadence Clover Hawk appeared apprehensive yet fearless while skateboarding, displaying excellent talent.

Fans became obsessed with seeing Kadence Clover conquer her fear, and the video has gone viral. As a celebrity daughter, she became a focus of attention. It was an encouraging moment for fans and Kadence when she overcame her fear.

However, Tony Hawk posted the video that contains the caption, “My daughter overcoming her fear in real-time (wait for it). It might be possible that I am more nervous than her”. She is seen as very down-to-earth, and she is still making progress in her skateboarding career.

On Instagram, that video has been seen over two million times. Kadence Clover Hawk occasionally appears in public with her father. In 2016, she was photographed with Tony Hawk in the debut of Finding Dory.

Kadence Clover Hawk social media details

There is no social media account of Kadence Clover Hawk. She may begin her account at any moment, and it will be filled with skateboarding abilities that will keep her fans and followers entertained. 

Kadence is a young, talented girl who has already amassed a huge following due to her father’s backing. On Instagram, Tony Kadence has over 6 million followers.

Net Worth of Kadence Clover Hawk

She presently has no source of income. She is reliant on her parent’s earnings. Tony Hawk’s net worth is about $140 million from his business and skateboarder. Lhoste Merriam is also well-off, working with various firms and amassing a substantial personal fortune.

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