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Amazon IP Accelerators are helpful for businesses to gain Intellectual Property (IP) privileges and brand safety in Amazon’s stores more efficiently. The IP Accelerator services can aid you in exploring latent brand names and file trademark applications. They connect companies with a system of reliable IP law businesses which deliver worthy trademark registration services at viable rates. Amazon offers businesses employing IP Accelerators which have access to brand protection and brand construction characteristics in Amazon’s stores so that they guard and raise their brand months in better ways possible, even years till their trademark registration formally issues.

In 2019, Amazon demonstrated that they were seriously related to outsider brands by giving them a whole supply of new apparatuses to make driving deals on and off Amazon way simpler. These gears enabled brands to be way more like real-world brands; they could shape stores, assemble followings, can advertise more effectively on Amazon, and above all, lastly, trace from where the deals were coming. Thus, they know precisely what’s working and what’s not. There was just one catch: to get close enough to these apparatuses and helpful information, and brands originally needed to link up with Brand Registry for Amazon, which further implied that you first need to prove yourself to Amazon that you were genuine by getting your brand trademarked, which may take an eternity or maybe some years or months.

What is Amazon IP Accelerator?

Amazon IP Accelerator was made to aid brands that are not presently essential for the Brand Registry and more immediately get intellectual property (IP) privileges and brand assurance in Amazon’s stores. It is to get your brand trademarked and then acknowledged to Amazon’s Brand Registry and got entrance to each of the wonderful things accompanying it – quicker.

 They do this by interfacing dealers with an arranged organization of believed IP law offices that give high-quality brand name enlistment administrations to assist brands with getting a trademark at cutthroat rates. 

So an Amazon IP Accelerator Will Help a Business Get its Trademark Faster?

The colossal advantage of Amazon IP Accelerator isn’t that you get your brand name quicker. It’s that you don’t need to delay until they’ve accepted your brand name before Amazon will acknowledge you into the Brand Registry. When you apply for your brand name utilizing one of the law offices associated with Amazon IP Accelerator, you’ll promptly be welcomed to get linked to the Brand Registry. 

In Amazon’s words:

 “When Amazon becomes mindful that you have documented a brand name application through an IP Accelerator law office, then, at that point, we will email you an encouragement to sign up for Brand Registry. When you complete that enlistment, we will naturally select you in our brands, give you admittance to Report a Violation feature, and you will get admittance to other brand-building tools.”

What amount does an Amazon IP Accelerator Cost?

IP Accelerator has no cost. It means that you do not have to pay Amazon to get associated with its supported law offices. When you select a law office, at that point, they charge to record your trademark. Amazon has the accompanying “high service expenses,” which is already negotiated with law offices regarding trademarks. Regardless of whether you utilize an attorney through IP Accelerator, some other legal counselor, or do all the administrative work and documentation for your brand name yourself, you will still need to pay this expense. A ‘class’ is the classification under which your brand’s items come. – for example, 028 Sporting products or 018 leather products. If you think that your brand might have things covered by more than one class (or ever in the coming months or years), it’s up to you whether you wish to apply for your brand’s trademark in each category. Around $275 per class, it can get pricey.

Services provided by Intellectual Property Accelerator Law Businesses:

Amazon’s IP Accelerator program has pre-set rates with the law offices it lists when documenting your brand name, which incorporates both your wordmark (your brand’s name) and design mark (logo of your brand). So you can employ these law offices for IP-related tasks like asking for clear design services copyright services, there are no pre-set Amazon charges, and the expenses of those extra applications will need to be set among the law office you chose.

 Who seems to be eligible to utilize Amazon IP Accelerator? 

It’s more or less anybody who makes sales on Amazon. Amazon says that the program is accessible to all brands around the world. However, before concerning, all of the law offices associated with IP Accelerator are situated in the US and mainly focused on US brand name services.

How Do I Apply For Amazon IP Accelerator?

Here you can apply to Amazon IP Accelerator;  

As soon as you click the ‘Get started’ icon, they will ask you what nation you’re in, where you need to sell, also the assistance you want with (IP Accelerator), and you’ll be given a rundown of law offices from where you have to choose. 

 Now click on the chosen law office, and you’ll be directed to a page where you can peruse surveys from other Amazon dealers that have utilized them and contact that legal counselor yourself. 

What exactly Occurs If The Registration Request Is Rejected?

Instantly, when this post is at risk of being all warm and vague, Amazon quickly tells that they are Amazon: 

“We routinely screen the situation with brand name applications recorded through IP Accelerator.” In case your application is rejected, in that case, you will not have the approach to the brand reservation tools for this application for a trademark.

Why should you register the Brand Registry as soon as possible?

Safeguard Your Brand – Brand Registry implies more ways of shielding your brand from naughty contenders on Amazon. A plus content helps you grow your posting and make an additional convincing deals’ message utilizing pictures and videos. Managing your experiments permits you to run split trials of A plus content to streamline its true capacity completely. Brand Stores make “site” only for brands inside Amazon features make Instagram-type posts on Amazon to get the attention of purchasers and drive your items’ deals. Amazon Ascriptions finally trace your non-Amazon advertising precisely to know what parts are in work. 

Amazon IP Accelerator Alternatives:

 A US brand name appeal can take somewhere in the range of 6 months to a year (or perhaps significantly longer, relying upon whether your appeal has any problems) to get accepted.

The best way to get a Brand Registry even before having an approved brand name is by appealing for your brand name concerning Amazon IP Accelerator. Also, there are alternate ways of getting a Brand Registry qualified brand name, which is not so quick as IP Accelerators which are less costly and faster than applying a brand name in the US.

It’s not fast but less costly; the least expensive method for getting a brand name is to apply your own US trademark appeal. Indeed, it will also take somewhere in the range of 6 months to a year. However, your main cost is the $275 documenting expense.


There seem to be undoubtedly less expensive alternatives to secure your brand. However, one major advantage of the Amazon IP Accelerator is that you gain easy accessibility to the Product Registry whenever you submit your brand name with many of Amazon’s approved law firms. One also needs to analyze and check Amazon Brand Database articles to learn about potentially available strategies for trademark registration and establishing Amazon’s Brand Registration.

Upon July 4, 2021, electronic commerce giant Amazon announced the Intellectual Property Accelerator initiative in India to assist large and micro-merchants, many of whom are brand managers and secure trademarks, defend their businesses, and combat violations at Amazon and its platforms worldwide.

The initiative will provide merchants with fast access to intellectual property specialists, including law companies with whom they can work to protect their trademarks.

“The time it takes to secure a trademark with the IP(Intellectual Property) Rights India, Copyright Registration (IN TMR) might range from 18 to 24 months. Going through into the procedure according to their own may be complex and time-consuming for commercial entities, particularly that are not only from small but also midsize enterprises “As per a public statement by Amazon.

The IP Accelerator initiative will assist merchants in navigating this procedure by integrating them with reputable Intellectual Property law firms that seem to be special authorities in this industry and seem to have experience writing trademarks and other intellectual property licensing registrations.

Organizations can work with many of these corporations to overcome prevalent roadblocks that otherwise would cause a registration to be delayed.

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