Avril Lavigne & Derek Ryan Smith – Mod Sun’s Diamond Heart

Avril Lavigne and herfiancé Derek Ryan Smith (known as “Mod Sun”) made their red carpet debut at the 2021 MTV Music Awards. ”Everything is a dream when I’m with her” the rap star said. Six months later, on March 27, the couple posted pictures on Instagram of Mod Sun’s proposal to Ms. Lavigne, with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop.

Their romantic saga began in January 2021, when the two collaborated on Flames and Love Sun. Following the recording sessions, hip-hop artist was apparently so smitten with her that he tattooed the word “Avril” on the back of his neck. The romantic gesture did not go unappreciated, and it’s been reported that Avril had reciprocal feelings.

Ms. Lavigne said it was ironic that she found true love while working on music inspired by a heartbreak. Mod gifted her with a custom-designed, heart-shaped ring from XIV Karats of Beverly Hills. The rapper purportedly knew what to look for, because the diamond is said to have marvelous clarity and pristine color for such a large stone.

Mod Sun’s net worth is thought to be around $3m, and the 5-carat gem is nearly 12% of his portfolio, costing an estimated $350,000. It stands to reason that Mr. Smith did careful homework about what he was buying before committing to such a significant investment.

Laurence Geller, an expert in the field of gemology from Los Angeles was asked to examine the characteristics ofAvril’sengagement diamond.Geller claims “Based on the size, cut and estimated value, I think it would be safe to say that we’re talking about a D color with CVVS1 clarity.”

There are lots of considerations for diamond shopping. For those young people thinking about tying the knot, it’s important to know what to look for. Most gems come with 4Cs certificates from AGS, GIA or IGI.

The official-looking paper issued by these organizations might appear authoritative, but as with most things in life, it’s not quite as simple. The 4Cs is an excellent standard, but grading is inconsistent even on a good day. Most inspectors peer through a magnification device, but reports are often subject to flaws and inaccuracies.

Gerald Sleighter is a sales executive at Hemlocks. “The certifications you see at any jewelry shop are misleading because on a certain level the conclusions are a matter of opinion,” the jeweler explained. “There are lots of variables to consider. Take, for example, the fact that everyone sees colors slightly differently. Believe it or not, men don’t perceive the same number of shades as many women.”

The good news for shoppers is that there is a simple and affordable way to get precision grading that involves no potential errors in judgment or any guesswork at all. The high-tech sector has come to the rescue by turning an art into a science.

Sarine Technologies developed gemstone scanners that use machine learning algorithms to forensically examine a stones true properties under high-resolution. The system measures the 4Cs and another set of properties the company calls “light performance,” which also affects value and rating.

Sarine operates the world’s most sophisticated diamond-grading lab, and the services are not reserved exclusively for producers and retailers. The lab conveniently offers affordable, direct-to-customer services. For less than the cost of a manual grading lab, shoppers can get a highly accurate and detailed report with a much faster turnaround directly from the company.

“Digital diamond reports are simply fantastic,” said Terrence McAllister, general manager of Xerces Limited. “More and more of our customers want assurances that they aren’t buying something synthetic. We get these types of questions all the time, so now this technology can tell us if a stone is natural or grown in a lab.”

Of course, it’s not always about price for some people who have a real estate budget for a stone. Sun Mod purchased a very high-end gem, yet assumes thevalue paid is correct. Without seeing a Sarine certificate, we’ll never know.

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