Best bikes of the yt bikes industry

Do you know what is yt bikes are? If your answer is not then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you every detail about the yt bikes industry. So read the entire article to know about this industry.

Basically, it is a German-based industry founded in 2007. However, it is the mountain bikes industry that provides you with the best mountain bikes. Besides this, it is the award-winning company of 2016. However, in this article, we are going to present you with the best mountain bikes of the yt industry. 

Best bikes of the yt bikes industry:

In the market, you will find too many bikes that are released by the yt bikes but we created a list of top 5 bikes that you can consider for yourself. 

Dirt Love:

This bike is considered the main reason for the evolution of the bikes. It comes with a chrome frame and is known as the dirt jumper. However, this bike from the yt bikes is specially made for tough landings. The gussets are present in the internal side that reinforces both top and down tubes. 

Basically, this bike is kitted with the new and compact dropouts that are integrated with the DJ fork, chain tensioners, stem, grips, and the RockShox Pike. However, if you want to top the backflip record of the DJ fork then this is the best option for you. 

Tues CF Pro Race yt bike:

This is the most famous bike that Aaron Gwin uses at the time of the World cup downhill. The paint job of this bike is the same but the yt bikes change the aspects of this bike. They revamp the suspension, frame, and other components. However, this bike is available in five different sizes, all are available with the seat tube heights and the low stand-over. So, it is the best thing for you to pick the size that suits you perfectly. 


It is the aluminum version of the TUES that was released in 2018. It comes at an affordable price that everyone can buy it. However, the frame design is the same as the carbon model, but in this suspensions are different from the carbon version. But we cannot say that the suspensions are less than the carbon model, it is only different from the previous model. 

Jeffsy 29 CF Pro:

It is the trail bike that comes with serious downhill chops. To improve the handling the yt bikes provide you the opportunity to adjust the length of the rare triangle and you can do this for every frame. In this bike, you will get the 1×11 e*thirteen cassette along with the 511 percent gear range. This bike is the best option for climbing. 

Capra 27 CF Pro:

This bike is very special because of its wheels, it comes with 29 inches wheels. However, it is built with a long wheelbase, slack head tube, and short chainstays and looks like a mini downhill rig. This year the yt bikes change the virtual 4 link suspension to provide you the efficient pedaling. It is also the best option for you.

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