Best Picrew Links and how to download Picrew Apk 2022

Everyone loves animated characters who are quite attractive and popular among all. Do you ever consider turning your character or personality into animation? If yes, and you don’t know what, how, and where to do it, you should need only your smartphone device for this purpose. In this way, you can have an android app that you need to download and can create avatars instantly and conveniently. 

If you are a big fan of animated characters and like to have yours, there is an easy way to do this. For this purpose, you had to download and install Picrew Apk

What is Picrew Apk

It is an android app that offers their user to create anime characters within a few clicks. In the Picrew app, you can have numerous vast collections of customization tools that allow you to use the features to make great avatars. Additionally, you can create multiple changes that suit your style and mood.

You may see many animations as they are in bulk, but among all these, Japanese animation is the most popular worldwide. Therefore, the app is designed mainly for anime fans. In this app, many parts and cases are similar to Japanese animation. In this way, you can make several changes in your personality looks. 

It is good to know that the Picrew applications services are not paid; you can use it conveniently and free of charge with several features. It is great fun to use the idea of other users’ characters. By this method, you can modify your character quickly. 

You may think that the editing of these anime is difficult or time-consuming, but it is wrong to say because editing is simple and only require time in case of more and more editing features. You can become a great digital artist by creating and designing some of the known anime characters. To learn more about the app and editing features, how to download and use this app, keep on connected. 

Best Picrew Links of 2022

It is a fact that no one uploads their original picture as a profile on Steam, discord, or online gaming platform. In this way, you can use an anime avatar for your profile. You can use some links to make your favorite character avatar without losing your original identity. Try these links for picture modifications and customization. 

Character Maker

Picrew has an impressive representation. Players wearing hijab, heterochromia, or vitiligo mostly use this link. It allows you to make a selection among 15 distinct skin tones. Many of them are fantasy-related such as elf ears. Not only this, but you can also feature your character as masculine or feminine with the help of clothing and hair features. 

Poicon Maker by Poika

It contains feminine characters. People prefer this link for some reason, but the primary one is its vast popularity. Besides, it provides numerous services of customization. You can also get fantasy characters.

Cheerful Gorigori by Madonna Okamoto

Another Picrew link but with a significant deficiency of skin tone swatches. It allows the Avatar of a couple of friends, which presents an innocent and cute vibe. Moreover, it has some deep customization features for customization and facial expression.

Witchcrew by Malachitinous

If you want something unique and different in your picture, you should use witchcrew by Malachitinous. The name of the link is self-explanatory. It allows the user to add witch accessories and adornments to their Avatar. Not only this, you can have numerous options of skin tones, body shapes, and many others. Moreover, you can find dozens of background changes features to make your image classy. 

500-Style Standing Picture Maker by Iwose

Another incredible Pi crew link is the 5-Style Standing Picture Maker which is ideal for those players who want a classic anime avatar. It allows you to have direct and clean customization options for your picture. You can use different skin tones and personalization assets, such as facial scars. 

Using extra clothing and body shapes, you can give gender differences to your Avatar. Besides all these, some other Pi crew links are 500-style Drink Maker and The Lady of Hera.

How to download the Pi crew Application

There is some unknown reason why the app is not available on Google Play Store. But there is no need to worry about this. There are many other ways to download and install the app. You can download the Pi crew app from various websites on your android device. For this purpose, you have to move towards the official website and find the app. Next, click the “Download” option and install the app within a few minutes. 

Key Features of Picrew Android App

  • It is one of the best picture editing app
  • The app contains built-in items
  • Picrew allow their user to customize and modify at an advanced level
  • This app is free to use and download
  • It will enable anime character creation
  • No paid options for any of the features
  • The app does not require any registration or login.
  • Picrew provides a convenient interface and easy to use
  • This app supports Japanese anime customization. 

Final Words

It is all about the Pi crew and its android app for the creation of Avatar. Use this app if you are also a big fan of anime characters and want to turn your image into your favorite character. It requires simple and easy editing steps. 


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