Bong Shopping Guide

In 19 states and some Canadian territories, marijuana is currently legal, and many more have decriminalized it. It’s now simpler for many people to consume cannabis in the most comfortable way, and taking it no longer has to be the secret pastime. Frequently, this entails packing a bong.

What a Bong Does

Water pipes, often known as Bong, are typically made of glass, although you can also get silicone, ceramic, and acrylic models. They are made of a long, cylindrical tube, a huge chamber for keeping water, and a small, removable bowl where the weed is placed (where you place your mouth). Fill the tiny bowl with marijuana and light it up to use one.

Blow air through the tube to draw smoke from the bowl and into the water chamber. Remove the bowl next, and use the tube to inhale the smoke. Some bongs also come with canisters, which filter the smoking before it enters your lungs, and ash catchers, which prevent ash and resin from getting into the water.

Despite being popular among cannabis consumers, bongs can be a little daunting to those unfamiliar. Choosing your first bong might be difficult if you don’t know what to look for because numerous varieties are available, some of which are rather pricey.

Why Use a Bong, You Ask

Make sure you want to use a bong to ingest marijuana before spending money on one. If you’re new to marijuana, you might think about other options because a bong hit usually has quite a wallop.
On the plus side, utilizing a bong has a lot of advantages. The ability of bongs, particularly those with a percolator and ash collector, to chill down and filter cannabis vapor before it enters the lungs makes taking hits more relaxing than smoking a joint, in Sarabia’s opinion.

What Is the Price of a Bong

If you’ve looked at bong choices online, there’s a high chance the costs have alarmed you. For newcomers, the cost of water pipes, which can reach hundreds of dollars, may seem excessive. But Sarabia says there’s no need to spend hundreds, particularly if you simply need something basic. You can purchase a bong without spending a fortune, he claims. “A nice $50 bong ought to do the trick.”

What Characteristics Must You Consider

Sarabia advises keeping your first bong simple. Anything taller than eight to twelve inches may be difficult to handle. However, he emphasizes the importance of paying great attention to durability. Look for pipes with a wide base that won’t simply topple over if you want a durable and well-balanced piece.

How Is a Bong Maintained

Changing the water in your bong frequently is the most crucial step to prevent dirt accumulation. An all-natural product manufactured from fruits and vegetable extracts is another suggestion provided by Sarabia. When included in bong water, it creates a layer of defense over the top of your glass. According to him, this coating prevents cannabis resin from adhering to the bong.

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