Charming Must Try Haircuts for Men

Elegant Haircuts for Men You Must Try Before This Year Ends

A good haircut is part of grooming, especially for men. There are so many haircuts for men that a man can get that are classic and fashionable. There are even low-maintenance cuts that you can rock for a long time and do not require much attention. You should get a haircut that matches your face shape as it will help boost your confidence.
Regardless of the hair’s nature, there are haircuts that are suitable for each hair type and texture. The following are some of the most common men haircuts for men you should try out;

1. Crew Cut Fade

This is a haircut that gives you options on whether to leave the hair at the top long or short. All that is required in this cut is to ensure that the fade is perfectly done. You can decide to make curls with the hair at the top of the head or leave it spiky depending on your personal preferences.

2. Skin Fade Haircut

This is one of the haircuts for men that will keep people taking glances at you. This is because the haircut highlights every little bit of your hair. Just like the name suggests, the fade is done such that your scalp is exposed.
The best way to pair this type of fade is to leave the hair on the top section to make it spiky at a medium length. Facial hair-like sideburns complete the look appropriately as they help to conceal certain facial features.

3. Textured Tight Haircut

These haircuts for men are similar to a buzz. It is made such that hair of a longer length is left only at the top part of the head. The sides are usually cleanly shaved so that the hair at the top is properly highlighted.
You can choose to proper dye for the hair left at the top so that the haircut looks more classic and elegant.

4. Undercut Fade

Just like the name suggests, the fade is usually concealed underneath the hair at the top of the head. Cut the hair at the top of the head such that it is long enough to partially cover the fade on the sides and back of the head.
There are so many variations to this undercut but the main feature is to ensure that the fade is partially covered.

5. Curly Quiff

This haircut is perfect if your hair is naturally curled. Firstly, comb all the hair towards the back of the head and you can use hair product to add some volume and make a great texture on your hair.
Reduce the length of the hair to your preference and then spray it for a shiny finish. The spray helps to hold the curls into position.

6. Brushed Taper Haircut

A tapered haircut is a classic way of cutting your hair. Brush off the hair to get a shaggy but fashionable appearance. Go for a classic taper cut like the skin or a faded taper haircut for that extraordinary and outstanding appearance.

7. Regular Haircuts For Men

Anytime you are stuck about the haircut to get, you can always opt for the regular one. This is because it can be done on any face shape and any hair type. The biggest advantage of getting a regular haircut is that it allows any other accompaniments.
You can combine it with a taper or a skin fade. Facial hairs also blend very well with a regular haircut.

8. Asymmetrical Layers Haircut

This is a haircut where the hair is cut into layers and the layers laid neatly on top of each other for a classic appearance. The layers created help to create an illusion of large hair volume. If your hair is not naturally layered, the creation of layers can help display some of your hidden personalities.

9. Gentleman’s Haircut

These are the type of haircuts for men that give you a confident appearance. The head is usually shaved clean leaving just a small size of hair. The gentleman’s haircut is a perfect haircut for both formal and informal occasions.

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