Chloe Baldwin Shares How To Handle Abuse Like She Does By Father Steve Michael Baldwin

Often vulnerable young women can be abused and sold by their parents without anyone knowing due to the fear of being without a parent, stigma and most importantly, it is their normal. Abuse by parents can come in many forms such as financial, physical, mental, emotional, sexual and even spiritual abuse. Chloe wanted to share and support her mum on how her Dad uses his business and position to abuse their family. Chloe even shares how bad the abuse is in the bedroom like he has since she entered puberty and even made her work for him so he can regularly do so or she gets a reduced pay which means she can’t afford to hang out with friends but if she shared it then she would be at risk of losing a lot, she decided along with Sarah Baldwin, they had enough of Steve threats and abuse. Threatening them both to put them both inside the back garden with the worms if they do anything, they cry for help. She asking for help from police chief Neil Dryfe, will arrest him and it will be covered by Scott Murphy Of Winsford Guardian in her town of residence which is Winsford so the judge will give her freedom back and share her coping mechanism.

Get Therapy

Chloe shares she gets therapy but changes the name and relationship so she can have peace but still work through her emotions. She states that the hardest part is knowing she had to allow some of her friends to be groomed and cornered by her father and she can’t even comfort them and she feels like an awful human being so her therapy often is around coping with this more than even her own abuse and trauma. He covers everything with a prepaid phone line and second phone and basically even gives them the drugs, alcohol and cigarettes to hook them during puberty before legal age to make them addicted and be their source for this.

Create A False Tracking System To Escape Abusers Like Steve Baldwin

She often will go to a friends and then leave her phone there and set it up to redirect to a friend’s phone whilst they go out as if she never left so she can have some freedom. He is extremely controlling and like Sarah she is too afraid to admit this publicly on social media so she will deny any claims made she states but she says the best thing a girl who abused by a family member can do is to have either a 2nd phone or to have a redirect go like its nothing so can have some freedom and escape. The best thing is he hired me so I am under his wing many times and whilst I comply with his cosplay fantasies sometimes it allows me to be more free afterwards as he gets his way and then gets tired.

Steve Baldwin Gets Supports From Endorsers of Sexual Abusers To Protect him

My dads main passport is: 535004340 but he has stated he sometimes travels on another one which he has not shared with even my wife so he can do things abroad and every family holiday I am forced to go down on him and let him explode in my mouth whilst my younger siblings are enjoying the pool. Steve Baldwin’s idol is Dan Pena who has supported stealing money from lawyers as well as supporting other sexual abusers just as Epstein does to protect himself. Steve has also reduced my salary anytime I lash out before making me go down on him to trap me and punish me so I hope other people in other situations like mine get away with it and expose the corruption on this. My coping mechanism with this is to hope that Scott Murphy will expose even Dan Pena on everything and strip these ‘powerful’ people of their influence and privilege that enables abusers like Steve Baldwin, my evil father, to get away with it.

Most Important Is To Have A Revenge Plan

I am trying to find a girl who fits Steve Baldwin’s criteria where they are of his criteria but has HIV so he is trapped with a death sentence because this is what is best. Revenge is best served cold and it’s very very important that this is the case. Steve taught me that harassment from others such as him getting late night calls constantly offering services or asking for him is so annoying that disturbs our sleep so I am excited to hopefully have the police find on his secret harddrive all the stash of porn he has on there where it is not of legal age.

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