DeWalt DW735X Planer

If you’re in the market for a new dewalt planer, there are a couple of great options available from DeWalt. First, consider the DW735X. It has a wide range of adjustments and includes incremental depth stops. Another benefit of this circular saw is that it comes with an easy-to-use blade changing system. You simply remove the cover to change the blade.


The Dewalt DW735 planer has two gauges that let you know how much material has been removed from the wood. One of them shows the removal rate, and the other shows the thickness at the end of the dewalt  planer pass. The DW735 also has a depth adjustment dial that changes automatically as the machine changes height.

The DEWALT DW735 is a powerful planer that will cut timber up to 13 inches wide and six inches deep. It is very sturdy, thanks to its cast aluminum base. Unlike other machines with folding tables, it’s more rigid and stable. Its case is also made of sturdy plastic to withstand regular usage and knocks.

Another great feature of the DW735 dewalt planer is its dust collection. This machine features an integrated dust collector hose, which makes cleaning up the shavings much easier. However, the blower’s impeller is made of plastic and could wear out over time. It’s also not easy to transport, so you should use it in one location.

The dual-speed gearbox of the DW735 router allows you to adjust the speed of the machine. You can choose between two feed speeds, one for high-speed cutting, and another for low-speed, precise cutting. The high-speed setting delivers 96 cuts per inch, while the lower speed setting slows down the feed rate to allow for finer work.

Another great feature of the DEWALT DW735 planer is its high degree of customization. The user manual contains illustrations and instructions for blade reversal and depth adjustments. You can even purchase extra blades and tables to use with the machine. There’s a DEWALT DW735X version of this machine if you’re looking for extra features.

The DeWALT DW735 planer is suitable for most woodworking projects. However, it is not the best tool for large amounts of wood, or for oversize timber. If you’re planning to make large-scale woodworking projects, it’s better to choose a larger machine with a larger table and higher capacity motor. Nevertheless, the DW735 can provide a great finish on cheaper boards.

The DeWALT DW735 planer is designed to meet the needs of both professional woodworkers and novice woodworkers. With its powerful motor and two-gear speed control, you can adjust the speed according to your needs. This planer also has a three-year limited warranty, which is good news for beginner woodworkers.


The Dewalt DW735X planing machine is capable of cutting lumber up to a thickness of 13 inches. It is equipped with a powerful 15-AMP motor that produces 20,000 RPM. The cutterhead spins at 10,000 RPM and can cut 6 inches of lumber in a single pass. It also comes with an infeed and outfeed table and two extra dewalt planer knives. Its impressive power makes it an excellent choice for professionals and serious hobbyists.

This dewalt planer comes with a two-speed gearbox. The first speed allows you to change feed speed for quick thickness cuts, while the second speed offers a finer finish. These features enable you to optimize each cut. This model’s CPI (cuts per inch) is 179.

This machine features a 19-3/4″ cast aluminum base. This base is 2X stiffer than a standard 10″ base. It also has an automatic carriage lock. This eliminates the risk of snipe by reducing the movement of the carriage. The DW735X planer also features an extra-large thickness scale and a depth stop. It is capable of handling materials up to six inches thick. Additionally, the DW735X’s depth-of-cut control is easy to use.

If you’re looking for an affordable, powerful dewalt planer, the DeWalt DW735X may be a good choice. This tool has a powerful 15-amp motor and a 10,000 RPM cutterhead. This makes it ideal for a wide range of materials.

The DEWALT DW735X planer comes with several accessories to help you make your woodworking project easier and faster. It also includes a dust port adapter that works with a 2.5 or 4-inch hose. Additionally, it comes with a magnet-mounted hex wrench and infeed tables.

If you are looking for an affordable wood dewalt planer, the DeWalt DW735X may be the right choice for you. This woodworking machine can be used in your home or workshop. Whether you are working on a small project or a large project, this machine will help you get the job done.

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