Ergonomic Desk VS Standing Desk: Which Is Better

The notion of sitting up straight is first embedded in our minds during childhood when our parents tell us not to hunch over our toys or video games. Most of us carry that habit into adulthood and walk around in slouching postures, especially during office hours when we are consumed with paperwork and computer work left to right. So, what exactly could we do to improve spinal health, and what sorts of office furniture should we opt for?

Why Is Good Posture Important?

Good posture can relieve tension and back pain, increasing motivation and confidence. Fixing your posture can help you fight fatigue and muscular pain. 

What Is An Ergonomic Desk?

An ergonomic desk is also known as a sitting desk. It comes with enough leg space for movement to prevent conditions such as blood clotting and varicose veins. Most ergonomic desks also have wrist rests that employees could utilise while working on a computer. However, ergonomic desks have a significant downside: they are often at a fixated height and cannot be adjusted. The only adjustments you can make are via your chair, which means you will be staying put in one position for long periods, and unfortunately, this is far from ideal. Even if you get a big and tall office chair, it still may not be ideal.

Downsides of Sedentary Work Atmospheres 

Being sedentary at work means allowing your body to play host to many challenging diseases. If your only movements at the office consist of going to the loo or taking a lunch break, you might face a great danger that you’re yet unaware of. Whether sitting or standing at your desk, mobility should be an essential aspect of your day to maintain your physical health. Mobility is what gets your blood pumping and rejuvenates your body, whereas immobility quite literally does the exact opposite. While some results of being sedentary in your daily life could seem easily fixable, there could also be fatal problems such as cancer, premature death, and lethal injuries. Unfortunately, these risks can increase depending on the type of desk you use in your work area because if your desk promotes sitting for extended periods, the risks are likely to increase.

Health Risks Tied To Sitting For Prolonged Hours

Sitting for long hours is unhealthy whether you do it cross-legged or in the infamous lotus pose. It becomes harder for your veins to carry blood to your heart when sitting. This struggle can result in both cardiac and varicose problems. It can also lead to diseases related to digestion and obesity. In short, the less sitting you do, the better your overall health will be.

Benefits of Working At A Standing Desk

Standing desks are one way of cutting back on the amount of time you spend sitting, but before we dive into their benefits for your health, let’s look at what they are. A standing desk is exactly what the name entails. It allows you to work while standing up, improving your productivity and health more than you know.

First, it helps regulate blood flow, preventing your blood vessels from overworking to get arterial blood to reach your heart. Secondly, it fights headaches and lousy digestion. Lastly, an adjustable standing desk contributes a lot to your mental health. Standing desks make working easier for people of all heights, thanks to the adjustability features most of these desks come with.

Which Desk Is The Better Pick?

After discussing the properties of both desks, it is only fitting to conclude this discussion with a final statement of which desk is a better purchase for your office. 

Standing desks seem to be the better option for health purposes and productivity reasons. However, if you have conditions that prevent you from standing for extended periods and need to take a sitting break now and then, opting for an ergonomic desk could be best.

While shopping for an office, try to remember that your purchase should comply with your and your employees’ needs; because at the end of the day, you will be the ones spending time at that desk for perhaps hours at a time. So make sure to consider all aspects of a piece and try to find a desk that meets your needs of health and comfort.


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