Everything You Need To Know About Donating Furniture To Office Liquidators

There has been a substantial increase in businesses that are allowing their employees to work many positions remotely. More than ever before, there are cubicles and desks in offices sitting empty with the employees working from home offices.

Where there were once bustling centers and office buildings full of much-needed furniture and equipment, there are now empty spaces with furniture and equipment going unused.

In an effort to reduce the number of items heading directly to our landfills, there is a movement that encourages employers to donate unused equipment and office furnishings to office liquidators to be sold at discounted prices or simply donated to charity. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Look up “office furniture donations” for more information.

Acceptable Donations

Often in office buildings, there are more than just desks and filing cabinets. When cleaning out your office space, consider offering up goods for donation other than just furniture. With offices that include breakrooms, sometimes with complete kitchens, consider donating the major appliances as well as general furniture. Gently used items, including not only appliances but recent electronics, shelving, floor mats, and rugs, along with many other items are happily accepted.

Pickup or Drop Off

You may be able to save a bundle on expensive moving services by simply making a charitable gift of your unneeded office furniture and equipment to office furniture donations. Do know if they will load or if you are expected to provide the labor. In the event that the company that you are donating your equipment to does not offer pickup, they may be able to recommend an inexpensive moving service that will work with you on pricing.

Tax Advantages

By contributing your well-maintained equipment that you no longer need, you can potentially save a lot of money on your taxes. Do be sure to keep accurate records of all goods donated and their resale value. If you have problems with setting a value on the materials you are contributing for donation, there are handy guides available to help you sort it out. Try searching online for the value of “office furniture donations”.

Reduce Waste

The amount of materials that end up in the world’s landfills today is staggering. Often perfectly good items are simply disposed of into the waste systems due to being unwanted or unused. Donating your used office furniture and appliances to office furniture donations will potentially keep tons of unnecessary waste out of our landfills. Encourage your company to help save by donating unwanted furniture in good condition.

Donate Today

Donating is just another form of recycling and is termed upcycling. You can make a real difference in your community by gifting your unwanted or unneeded office furniture and appliances for donation. By providing quality furniture at discounted prices to smaller businesses, or consumers with home offices, you are helping to keep the planet clean. Make a list of items today to reap the benefits of donating your unused office equipment.

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