Everything you need to know about Good Girl Perfume

Suppose you are a perfume lover and want something good and aesthetic that promotes passion and love. Good girl perfume is one of those which can stimulate your mood swing and make you feel happy. It is a woody scent which is better and suitable to wear in the evening. The aroma of this scent is comforting and warm, making you feel perfect on cold nights. 

Moreover, if you don’t like heavy and season-specific perfume, it is entirely for you. You can wear it any season, but it will go perfectly on cold chilly nights to keep you warm. Moreover, if you are confused about choosing the best one, you can select it after knowing the detail of the best Good girl perfume

Fruity Almond

The fragrance of this product is amazingly perfect: a combination of Haba Tonka, melocoton, almendra, nardo, and Azahar. Additionally, you can feel the taste of iris, sweet almonds, and cacao. This fruity combination is proper contrast of sweetness, lightness, and sensuality. You can wear it at night while going out for a special occasion. So one can say that it is a good choice for all seasons.  

On the other hand, to have a similar scent, you can consider the option of dupe. An affordable and best alternative to Carolina Herrera Good Girl. This one is similar to the Carolina Herrera fragrance, which can last to a great extent. It smells floral, and Fruity Almond features a more delicate and similar aroma. You can consider both as the best option for the night, along with distinct base notes. 

However, good girl perfume perfumes are bold and sophisticated. The most famous fashion designer develops these fragrances genuinely based on the taste of modern era women. It lasts for hours and carries excellent sillage. The notes of amber, vanilla, almond, and cacao can make your choice tremendous and turn your memorable events evenings into an aesthete. 

How much does Good girl perfume cost?

The Good girl perfume bottle costs $120 for each product. It is an excellent option for both male and female gender. 

Oriental Cherry

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry inspires this product. The Good girl’s Oriental Cherries began with the spice and almond, and after applying, it settled with an undertone of warm vanilla. In this way, if your lady loves cypress and vanilla, Oriental Cherry is the best option to gift. It is a must-have female fragrance and costs only $29 for a 50ml bottle. 

However, you can find the best perfumes and fragrances for women at Good Girl dossier. co. It is an online store comprising an extensive range of women’s fragrances. 

What to Expect from Good Girl Dossier perfumes

It is a pleasant smell along with a peach and white flowery tone. It gives you some fruity food sensation, similar to CH’s original. Moreover, the Fruity Almond may not begin with the same, but the base note of this product is identical to the CH Good girl. One can consider it a good option in a reasonable price range. It has considerable longevity. 

Difference between Carolina Herrera and Fruity Almond

You can notice the difference when you smell both of these perfumes for a few seconds. There is no significant difference but a few. The Good girl’s scent is much more complex and fruity than Almond’s. But when the smell settles down, you cant differentiate which one is this. 

Carolina Herrera, good girl

The top notes of Carolina Herrera are coffee, almond, and some notes of lemon and bergamot. Orange blossom, Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac, and tuberose iris are in the middle.

This perfume is defined by its coffee notes, which is why it is so popular. The aroma begins with more robust notes of coffee and almonds, followed by bergamot and lemon. Floral notes of orange blossom, tuberose, and jasmine sambac combine with Bulgarian rose and iris to give this fragrance a feminine edge.

Base notes of Tonka Beans, Cocoa, Vanilla, and Musk emerge as the fragrance settles. The scent is more recognizable, with cashmere wood, amber, patchouli, and cedar notes.

Best time to use it

The seductive scent of this scent arouses emotions and enhances your sensuality. The fragrance is ideal for the fall and winter seasons but can also be worn in summer and spring.

However, due to the warmth and spice of the fragrances, it is a much better option to wear during the winter and fall. It brings out your inner good girl. She will make you feel sexy, and the opposite sex will feel the same way.

Almond Fruit Dossier

Good Girl Perfume is almost identical to the original. This floral almond scent contains almonds and peach. You will also notice some subtle tones of floral bouquets like orange blossom, tuberose, and iris.

To add sensuality, the center notes of the fragrance are rich almonds with tonka bean, vanilla, and cocoa. This fragrance is vibrant and feminine, transitioning from luminous freshness to more saturated sensuality as it settles.

This perfume is much more suitable for everyday use. However, you can wear it on a night out. It will make you feel good, but it is less complex than the original. Consequently, it is a much better option if you want to use it at work or home.

Best time to use it

The best time to take Almond Fruity is at night, but it can also be taken during the day. Its fruity hint of almonds makes it a great option to wear during winter and fall.


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