Five benefits of the standing desk

A sound body has a sound mind. This line briefly tells that it is not good to sit, stand or sleep too much. Everything is good in appropriate balance form. If you sit for longer time, leads you to face many health issues. The major health risk includes heart disease, diabetes and early death. The reason is, if you sit for longer time, then your stored calories will not burn.

Sitting too much is seriously bad for your health. People who sit a lot every day have an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and early death. Additionally, sitting all the time burns very few calories, and many studies have linked it to weight gain and obesity.

It is one of the huge problems for office workers as they have to sit for whole day. In this way, the need of standing desk is increasing day by day. 

What Is a Standing Desk?

Standing desk permit to stand conveniently and comfortably when you are working in office or somewhere else you need. Currently, number of modification is made in these desks which are adjustable and more convenient to use. 

The next thing is to change the height and can tune for stand and sit. These sorts of desk are also known as height and posture adjustable. 

However, there is many testing trial which are currently on the way to know the benefits of this desk. It is expected, that these desk are impressive which will elevate the productivity graph. According to the science, the standing desk has many benefits: These include:


Standing minimize the risk of Obesity

As exercise is one of the best methods to burn your calories swiftly. But if you do not have sufficient time to walk or exercise, then you can rely on standing. It also helps you to reduce your calories. 

According to the source, if you spent equal amount of time in standing position instead of sitting can result in burning of up to 170 calories. 

Standing Desk can reduce Blood Sugar Levels:

The sugar level in body increase when you take meal and it is injurious to health. If you do this for longer time, then no one can prevent you suffering with type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance. 

In this, way, standing for 30 minutes on the standing desk play vital role and it minimizes the risk of blood sugar level risk up to 12%

Standing minimizes the Risk of Heart problem:

In recent times, researchers conducted a statement that the people who stand for whole day will have to face lesser heart diseases as compared to those who sit for whole day. It shows that standing for longer time is equal to heavy exercise and it consequently minimizes the heart disease risk death rate. 

It Reduce Back Pain:

People who work in offices have major problem and complaints of back pain. Many studies and research has been conducted in this vision. As a result, there is 32% improvement in those people who was complaining for back pain.  

Not only this, the standing desk also helps in vanishing of upper back and neck pain within 4 week use. 

Standing Desks Influence Energy levels and Mood swings:

Another major benefit of standing desk is that it put positive influence on energy level and mood swing. A research was made on office worker related to mood swing test and energy level. Half of the participants were allowed to use standing desk and other are not allowed. The result was good and helping. Those who are using desk report minimum fatigue and stress issues.

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