FloSports Acquires Trackwrestling

Trackwrestling is a sports life management company that provides a variety of services for the sports world. It is the official event management system of the National Wrestling Coaches Association, and manages more than 8,500 wrestling events each year. Its services also serve as the official scoring system of 35 state high school wrestling tournaments and NCAA Division I and II championships. Additionally, it is the official streaming partner of United World Wrestling.

FloSports’ acquisition of Trackwrestling

FloSports has announced that it has acquired Trackwrestling, a company from the NBC Sports Group. The acquisition of Trackwrestling brings wrestling analytics to FloSports’ platform and will help them expand their wrestling content. In addition, the acquisition also includes existing broadcast rights. Trackwrestling is a leading provider of wrestling event management tools. The company was previously owned by NBC SportsEngine and NBC Sports Group. The acquisition will create a single, unified offering for fans worldwide.

The company has been a reliable partner in the wrestling community for over a decade, offering a range of services including live match and archived video services. It serves as the official event management system of the National Wrestling Coaches Association and manages nearly 10,000 wrestling events each year. It also has NCAA Division I rights and is used in 40 state high school tournaments.

Its event management service

Trackwrestling’s event management service is a web-based application that gives coaches, athletes, and leagues the tools they need to track performance, score matches, and manage workouts. The application works with other SportsEngine applications to help teams and leagues manage the lives of their athletes.

The company has been providing its event management services for more than a decade, and has helped organize over 10,000 wrestling events. This includes being the official scorekeeper for more than 40 state high school tournaments and NCAA Division I and II championships. As part of the sale, Trackwrestling will continue to provide this service for its clients under FloSports.

In addition to event management, Trackwrestling has a streaming platform called Trackcast. This enables users to view wrestling events live or on-demand. This allows fans from around the world to watch events online, even from countries without cable or satellite services.

Its live match video

Trackwrestling’s live match video is a great way to follow the action in a variety of ways. With integrated video software and a streamlined platform, users can easily create a customized stream, with video overlays incorporating event and match information. This allows for a professional, seamless stream and empowers teams, organizations, and event directors.

Trackcast subscribers can choose from multiple channel packages that include all mats at a single event, dual meets, tournaments, and more. Subscribers can also customize their viewing experience with sponsorships and advertising. In addition to live match video, Trackcast subscribers can also record matches and score the action with a camera.

Its online registration system

Trackwrestling’s online registration system makes it easy for coaches and wrestlers to pre-register for an upcoming event. This system collects standard fields, allows for customization of special fields, and allows users to make payments either online or at the event. Wrestler profiles also give coaches and fans a visual of the wrestler’s appearance and accomplishments.

This web-based system manages the whole life-cycle of athletes and teams. It also allows coaches to create workouts. Coaches can set up workouts with different weights, adjust the length of the workout, and specify the rest period between sets. The system also enables coaches to set a measurement matrix to track how their athletes are meeting their goals for a specific season. In addition, Trackwrestling has partnered with SportsEngine, which is an online registration system that allows sports clubs and leagues to manage all aspects of their athletic events.

Its mobile app

Trackwrestling is a leading wrestling event management tool that enables teams, individuals, and fans to keep track of match details, rosters, and more. The app is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and includes an extensive database of over 18,000 teams. It also lets fans track their opponents and customize their equipment lists.

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