Guide to Embroidery Designs on Custom T-Shirts

Embroidery is a popular choice for a custom T-shirt design. The overall appeal of an embroidered garment is so beautiful that an increasing number of people want atleast one embroidered shirt in their wardrobe. 

No doubt, embroidery is a hot trend. Looking at the huge demand, the trend promises to stay for a long time. 

Investing in embroidered apparel is a wise thing to do. In fact, if you believe the fashionistas, you must have multiple garments with embroidery on them this year. It’s all about weaving beautiful designs in 2022 and beyond. 

To embroider or not to embroider

Some people believe embroidery designs are not for T-shirts. That’s not true. You can see people walking around wearing embroidered tees. How cool they look! 

If you are not an embroidery person, yet wish to try this design, start with small. Create a tiny logo or a design at the upper side or bottom edge of the tee. 

Embroidered tees are hot this year. You must have a t-shirt with embroidery in your wardrobe. Contact a custom T-shirt shop today and let the designers do a wonderful embroidery job on your shirt. 

Who says men cannot wear embroidered tees

Embroidery is not just a woman’s forte. Guys, if you can wear pink, then you can certainly wear embroidery. Pink looks cool on men. Similarly, an embroidered tee looks great on you. 

Why not have an embroidered animal on your tee? Or you could have a huge mug of beer embroidered on the center of your T-shirt. 

How about embroidering your favorite sports car on your tee? 

Reputable designers like Custom Shirt Printings have a great selection of design ideas for you. 

Embroidery on a black tee

Embroidery done with vibrantly colored threads on a black T-shirt is just the thing to have in your wardrobe. And this is for both men and women. 

You can choose to do the embroidery with a single color thread or use multiple colored threads. You can have a tightly woven design or a loosely woven one. The choice is yours. 

Embroidery on a white tee

This one is a classic. All you fashion-conscious people must have one white embroidered T-shirt in your wardrobe. Embroidery designs on one or both shoulders or throughout the neckline is trending.

Your order is ready

Whatever your design, place an order online and you will get your custom T-shirts delivered to your door shortly. 

How to care for embroidered T-shirts

  • Hand-wash the shirt with mild detergent. Avoid rubbing vigorously. 
  • If you must dump them in the laundry machine, make sure you turn them inside out to avoid damaging the woven threads. 
  • Use cold or lukewarm water for washing. No hot water, please. 
  • Avoid squeezing them tightly. A gentle squeeze would do. 
  • Air drying them is best. 
  • Avoid ironing over the embroidery directly. Turn the garment inside out while ironing. 

Wear your embroidered tee with style and confidence. Do not be afraid of filling up your shirt with embroidery designs. Who says you must have just one little design at the top or side? 

Do what you like. Make your own shirt. Make it stand out in the crowd. 

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