Harkins Theater

Harkins theaters offer a modern experience for the whole family. Their theaters are equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems with more than 175 speakers. The theaters are also equipped with closed captioning screens in each seat. In addition, the theaters offer PlayCenters, a space where kids can have fun while parents enjoy a movie. They also host special summer programs that feature children’s movies, art films, ballet and opera shows, and live performances.

Ticket window inside harkins theater

Harkins theaters evoke the quaint charm of old-fashioned movie theaters, but also feature modern amenities. The chain consists of 34 locations with more than 500 screens. Its amenities include state-of-the-art sound, state-of-the-art projection, and luxury seating. The company also offers online and smartphone-app-based ticket reservations.

The seats in a regular Harkins theater are plush rocker chairs with ample leg room and modern features like cup holders. The first row features ultra-luxurious seats called Ultimate Loungers. The remaining rows are equipped with push rocker seats. These seats are very comfortable, but they can be a little more pricey than those at a Harkins theater.

The seats at Harkins theaters are labeled with letter and number. This makes it easier to find the seat you’d like. The seat number is also visible on the ticket. If you’re unsure of where to sit, you can always ask an employee to assist you in finding your reserved seat.

Plush rocker seats

Harkins Theater offers comfortable plush rocker seats for your movie viewing pleasure. The theater features 16 screens with stadium seating and a snack bar. Its Cine Capri theater features state-of-the-art digital projection and sound. In addition, the Harkins offers movie-goers the chance to win FREE movie tickets for a year!

The seats are plush and are upholstered and padded for maximum comfort. They feature modern amenities like cup holders and are designed with plenty of leg and foot space. The first row features Ultimate Lounger seats, while the rest of the rows feature push-button rocker seats. These seats are one of the best options for a movie night.

The theater is a great choice for families. The seats are comfortable and the screens are large and offer great viewing angles. Many Harkins theaters feature audio-visual systems, hearing-impaired headphones, and automatic drinking fountains. They are small compared to other theater chains, but they offer modern conveniences like smartphone apps and online ticketing.

Dine-in movie theater

For moviegoers who prefer eating their meal before the show, the new Harkins Cine Grill concept promises to offer an immersive movie experience. The new restaurant-style theater will feature made-to-order fare, craft cocktails, and a selection of local beers and wines. Food orders will be delivered discreetly prior to the start of the movie, so you can enjoy the movie without being interrupted.

The Harkins Theatre has expanded its offerings in recent years with the addition of two additional movie houses in California. These new locations offer luxury seats and a state-of-the-art digital sound system. They also feature a kid-friendly environment where children can play and stay safe. The theater is available for private events as well, so you can reserve a private room for your party.

The new CineGrill will feature nine screens and a covered outdoor patio. The menu will feature craft food, craft cocktails, and craft beer. It will also feature a full-service bar. As part of the redevelopment of the Paradise Valley Mall, the Harkins CineGrill will feature an innovative movie-going experience with beer and cocktails.

COVID-19 policies

COVID-19 policies for the Harkins Theatre have been formulated to help customers and employees stay healthy and avoid the spread of the disease. These policies include placing hand sanitizers containing 60% alcohol in public areas and encouraging patrons to practice good hand hygiene. The theater will also thoroughly disinfect the theater and all public areas between screenings. High touch surfaces in the theater will also be cleaned with an EPA-registered disinfectant on a regular basis. All employees will be made aware of the disease and its symptoms and will be trained in its prevention and control. In addition, it will not allow food or beverages to be consumed communally, and will discourage the use of cash.

The theater will have two rows of closed seats between each group, and the reservation system will be adjusted accordingly. In addition, employees will regularly inspect the auditorium to ensure that social distancing is maintained. The theater’s capacity will be limited to 50 percent of its normal capacity.

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