Hooters Uniforms Go Viral on TikTok

Hooters employees are taking to TikTok to express their concerns about the new uniforms. They say that they are now wearing tight black or orange T-shirts and “crotch string” uniforms. This is a change from the white crop top and orange shorts that they used to wear.

Change from white crop top and orange shorts to black or orange tight T-shirt and “crotch string” uniform

One of the most lauded restaurant chains of all time, Hooters, has finally done something to spruce up its look. For years, their uniforms have been praised as the sexiest on the planet, but after an extensive review of employee surveys and company budgets, they’ve decided to shake things up a bit. They’ve replaced their signature white crop tops with orange shorts, a flimsy T-shirt, and a “crotch string”.

To their credit, the chain didn’t do too badly when they introduced the new uniforms. Some employees actually liked the change, citing it as a sign of the times. Others were left scratching their heads. But one female staffer in particular took note of the novelty and went to town on a red carpet style dress to strut her stuff. She was not alone in her zeal.

While the chain has not yet revealed any specifics, it seems as though the shorts have become a major focal point of the female staff. The best part? They’re actually pretty short. In fact, it’s been reported that some women have had to wear the bottoms of their dresses in order to keep them out of the way. That’s a big deal, considering how many ladies work there.

On the other hand, the Hooters Management Corporation has announced that they will hire male servers at Hoots in Cicero, Ill.

Employees are taking to TikTok to share concerns about the new uniforms

Many Hooters employees are taking to TikTok to share their opinions about the new uniforms the company has introduced. They’ve been posting videos that show their old uniforms versus the new ones. The videos have gone viral, with millions of views. Some of the most popular videos are of women joking about quitting their job.

Earlier this year, Hooters started requiring female staff to wear shorter shorts as part of their uniform. Many of the staff members have voiced their displeasure about the new shorts, citing concerns about the safety risks.

While some employees complained that the new shorts weren’t comfortable, others said they were actually more comfortable and brought them more money. However, some servers reportedly threatened to quit their jobs.

A spokesperson for Hooters told Newsweek that they were responding to the social media backlash and that staff could choose between the new shorts and the older style. It is also worth noting that the company offers a 20 percent discount for military personnel on Military Tuesdays.

In the video, Aimee is shown in both the old and new uniforms. She was wearing a yellow t-shirt, blur trousers, and a blue hat/cap. Her face looks more unhappy in the old uniform, but she says she appreciates her job.

Racism lawsuits against Hooters

Hooters has been the target of two lawsuits filed by employees alleging discrimination. One lawsuit alleges that the chain was guilty of gender discrimination in hiring only women and one claims the company has violated the Civil Rights Act by refusing to give women and girls the same opportunities as men and boys.

Another suit alleged that the restaurant was responsible for retaliation against workers who refused to sign employment contracts with them. The second suit alleged the chain committed fraud when it forced non-managerial female employees to sign employment-related arbitration agreements.

A third suit alleges that the restaurant exposed its female employees to genitals while performing a sexually degrading game to determine which section of the restaurant they worked in. Finally, a class action suit claims that the chain created a hostile work environment in violation of the Fair Employment Practices Act.

These lawsuits were filed by women who said they were videotaped while they were undressed. They also claimed managers at the restaurant exposed their underwear to them. However, they did not have a chance to testify in court.

According to Phillips, the Hooters arbitration rules were flawed. She claims that mandatory arbitration procedures violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act by denying her and other class members an equal opportunity in employment.

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