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How Dr. Ghiam Built A Successful Practice: A Trial Of Trust

DDS and California native Dr. Joshua Ghiam is known around Beverly Hills as one of the best cosmetic dentists in the LA area.That said, he didn’t come into this success overnight, nor did it simply fall into his lap. Despite Dr. Ghiam’s current high standing in the community of aesthetic dentistry, he started his practice without so much as a name or any startup capital. To make matters worse, Los Angeles has more dentists and cosmetic oral surgeons than they do cockroaches, and thus boundless amounts of competition for new practitioners. So how exactly does someone go from a relative nobody in an oversaturated market to one of the biggest names of cosmetic dentistry in the city?

One word: Trust

To Dr. Ghiam, establishing a sense of trust between himself and his patients was key in building Dr. Joshua Ghiam Aesthetic Dentistry to where it is now. He was able to accomplish this through providing extremely high-quality work, using only the most advanced equipment and techniques in the business, but that’s not all there was to it. More importantly, building that trust means taking the time to gauge every client on a personal basis, making them feel involved in the process while simultaneously guaranteeing that they leave with their ideal smile.

Dr. Ghiam makes no rush in determining what each patient needs as an individual, making them comfortable, and addressing any concerns they may have along the way at their leisure. After all, no two smiles are the same – a fact that many cosmetic dentists seem to forget while they’re trying to pump out appointments like they’re on an assembly line. By rushing through, these companies fall short in giving thorough consultations, producing results that are visibly bulky and artificial. What’s more, this makes their patients feel like they have no control or say in the process, creating an uneasiness that doesn’t exactly make them want to stick around.

Dr. Ghiam has a different philosophy that emphasizes the importance of creating a comfortable environment and providing high quality care services that are comprehensible and inclusive for each client. Additionally, by following a strict code of ethics, he has established trust with his patients, creating a practice based on positive reviews and word-of-mouth, making it fundamentally sustainable. For examples of what such doctor-patient trust looks like, look no further than some of the reviews that Dr. Ghiam has been given over the years:

“I traveled from DC to LA Smiles Dental Spa, from the moment I had a virtual consultation it was such an amazing experience. My virtual consultation Dr. Joshua Ghiam answered all 1000 questions I had without hesitation. When arriving at the actual office the whole entire staff which includes Flor and Araceli were so welcoming and were making sure I was ok. They emailed me to make sure I made it safely to my hotel. Overall, my experience has been amazing with this office. I feel this was by far worth the travel from the east coast to the west.”

Joannak from Bristow

“Dr. Ghiam and his team analyzed my damage and crafted the best plan to repair it. And he made me feel like I was a partner in every decision every step of the way.”

Charlie on Yelp

Let’s be honest: people aren’t doling out reviews like this just to be nice, and certainly not for half-assed dental work or uncomfortable interactions (if any). Rather, such a reputation comes with time, effort, and dedication to earning the trust of clientele. After spending years building his practice from the ground up, Dr. Ghiam himself knows all too well that this isn’t the easiest method, but it does ensure a sustainable business model that will hold up for decades to come. Besides, nothing good ever comes easily. 

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