How Jack Mason, Group CEO of Inc& Co is Disrupting Traditional Business Models

Jack Mason, the Group CEO of Inc& Co, has been making waves in the world of business since the group’s inception in 2019. By strategically acquiring, investing in, and turning around distressed companies, Mason and his partners, Dave Antrobus and Scott Dylan, have built a multi-sector business empire. In this article, we’ll explore how Jack Mason’s innovative approach to business is challenging traditional models across a variety of industries, including eCommerce, retail, manufacturing, property, health & beauty, and travel.

A Vision for Collaboration

At the core of Jack Mason business philosophy is the idea that collaboration is the key to success. In an increasingly connected world, companies need to work together to improve their business operations, marketing, strategy, and collaboration. According to Mason, “We founded Inc& Co with the belief that, by bringing businesses together under a single umbrella, we could foster an environment that encourages innovation, growth, and shared success.”

This collaborative approach has allowed Inc& Co to create a unique ecosystem where businesses can thrive. By offering a range of support services to their portfolio companies, such as shared office space, marketing expertise, and strategic guidance, Inc& Co has made it possible for these businesses to focus on what they do best while benefiting from the combined experience and resources of the wider group.

Disrupting Traditional Business Models

The success of Inc& Co can largely be attributed to their disruptive approach to business. Rather than sticking to traditional models and industries, Mason and his team have embraced the digital age and focused on companies that are well-positioned to benefit from the rapid technological advances in the modern world. This has allowed them to quickly identify opportunities for growth and expansion, while also staying ahead of the curve when it comes to industry trends.

For example, in the retail sector, Inc& Co has successfully invested in and turned around several companies that were struggling to adapt to the changing landscape. By leveraging their digital marketing expertise and focusing on eCommerce strategies, they have managed to revitalise these businesses and help them compete in an increasingly online-driven market.

Similarly, in the property sector, Inc& Co has embraced the growing trend of remote working. Recognising the potential for growth in this area, they have invested in and developed several properties that cater to the needs of modern professionals, offering flexible workspaces, high-quality amenities, and a sense of community that has become increasingly important in the post-pandemic world.

Innovative Investments in Health & Beauty and Travel

Jack Mason’s innovative approach to business has also extended to the health & beauty and travel industries. By identifying and investing in companies that offer unique products and services, Inc& Co has managed to create a diverse portfolio that spans multiple sectors.

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