How to Optimize Your Business Social Media

Does your business have social media accounts? Social media optimization can increase your brand awareness online.

Existing social media platforms have approximately 4.5 billion users and their channels are an affordable, effective way to reach them globally. A business needs a strong online presence to attract its ideal customers.  Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a slight shift from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in digital marketing

What is social media optimization?

SMO uses social media to increase a brand’s awareness and generate publicity. In SMO, a company creates quality content that appeals to an audience, encourages engagement, and builds an online reputation. For instance, SMO experts manage reviews and ensure that a company’s bad reviews aren’t the first results in search engines. SMO uses social networks like Facebook,  social news, blogs, etc to generate leads.

How Social Media Relates to Search

SEO is the process of designing content that ranks highly on search engines. Contrary to SMO, SEO uses organic listings on search engines to drive traffic to sites. Google favors organic content that performs well on social media. If your content is social media optimized, it performs better in search engines. SMO experts use the following tools and tips to optimize social media for brands.

Tools to optimize your social media

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks and reports your website’s traffic. One of its greatest features is a conversion tracking tool that allows you to see if someone clicked your online ads and acted on your call-to-action. It gives you invaluable insights into site visitors and suggests strategies to increase website traffic. You can also add plugins to your social media accounts on your website to generate traffic.


This is an excellent social media monitoring tool that tracks your brand’s mentions, what people say, and the popularity of your hashtags on Twitter. Talkwalker uses hashtags to discover influencers and trends. You can create a buzz around your brand with catchy captions to match these trends.


This tool helps you to identify trends on social media. You can search for keywords on all platforms and highlights results in bright colors for better navigation. These words generate organic traffic to your content and increase engagement. Buzzsumo is ideal for creators who need to keep up with the best-performing content online. 


Iconosquare is a scheduling tool that helps you to automate posts. It monitors your account’s growth, reach, and engagement for insights you can use to create content strategies. Several tools can also optimize your scheduling like Buffer and Hootsuite.

Social Media Analytics

Each social media platform has an analytics tool that gives you key insights into your most engaging posts. Facebook and Instagram offer information on your audience’s demographics and interests. Twitter analytics track your tweets, likes, follows, etc., to measure your influence. 

Tips for Social Media Optimization

Use keywords and hashtags wisely

Keyword research or SEO helps you to identify topics and phrases that your target audience looks up on search engines. Use these keywords to create your content. Add keywords naturally to optimize your content. You can add external links to your content to lead people to your other online platforms. Additionally, hashtags make your content more discoverable to people who don’t follow you on social media accounts. 

Share quality and visual content

SMO requires you to consistently share posts that address customer pain- points, entertain and add value to your target audience. You can repurpose your content and strategies to suit your different social channels. Use a unique voice in your content to make your personality stand out. Anecdotes and stories are a great personal and candid touch.

Choose the right platform

Identify and choose the social media platforms your target audience prefers and build your presence. Create quality content and post it consistently across all your ideal social media accounts. For instance, if your business targets entrepreneurs, optimize your content or Facebook and LinkedIn. Your business can also improve its reach and engagement through authentic sites that allow you to purchase Instagram followers, and other vital social media metrics.


Social media optimization helps you to build an online presence across multiple social channels. SMO experts use several tools and tips to generate more leads in a target audience.

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