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How to Repair Solar Panels to Save Money

If you have invested in solar energy, knowing how to repair solar panels can save you some cash. Solar cell modules last around 25 years or longer. That means installing solar panels is an investment for the future and present times.

Many people who need to repair solar panels aren’t sure where to start. Keep reading our helpful guide on what you need to know.

When to Repair Solar Panels

Many times solar panels will continue to work even if they get damaged. Heavy winds and storms can cause breaks in the glass. You may not know that moisture can get into the cells and cause more damage.

If you suspect you should repair solar panels, the time to act is when you first notice an issue. Waiting can cost you more money because you will end up with more to repair. It may change the amount of solar energy the cells can absorb, which will affect your solar lights, too.

Solar Glass Panel Repair

If you notice a crack in the glass, you should take a good look at the area. Look for any water or debris inside the glass that could corrode the solar cell. Wash your solar panels and let them air dry.

To repair solar panels with cracked glass, you can mix up some polyurethane and apply it to the solar panels. Use a brush to get the resin all over the solar panel and distribute it in even layers. After it dries, you will have waterproof solar panels that work like they are new.

If you are afraid to repair solar panels because you think the resin will peel off, you can use laminating film. It can take more time to place on the solar panels because you don’t want any cracks. Spaces can provide areas for water damage.

Replacing Damaged Panels

Sometimes the problem may be the solar inverter. The interface of the inverter gets configured when your solar panels get installed.

If you need to repair solar panels due to a damaged inverter, you need experienced help. A top solar panel company will match the new inverter readings to the old one.

Sockets can get water corrosion over time. You can try cleaning them with products made to repair solar panels. You should never use any cleaning products not made for solar panels on sockets, or it may make the issue worse.

If sockets or connectors have damage, they may need total replacement. That task is best left to a professional because it may involve specific job knowledge. You don’t want to cause further damage.

Save Money With Solar Repair

When you want to repair solar panels, there are times you can do it alone and save a ton of money. A little elbow grease and the correct products will go a long way. Always stay mindful of panel repair jobs that are beyond your scope.

You may save more money by calling a pro before you get in too deep! Be sure to follow our site for more how-to articles like this!


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