How to Use Google Maps for Exit Navigation

If you are traveling often and take the same route, exit navigation can be extremely useful. Even if you don’t know the exact exit number, knowing where you need to turn off your vehicle will save you time and frustration. It is especially helpful if you are traveling to work or school on a daily basis. There are many online resources that offer a variety of maps and other useful data. Selecting the most appropriate map can make exit navigation a breeze.

Destination tags

Destination tags are the markers of exits and entrances on highways. They provide navigation information and point the way to the exact location of the exit. Each destination tag has a specific alphanumeric identity that varies by state. To learn more about what the shields mean for your state, refer to the Highway Shield Dictionary.

Destination tags are used in a number of ways. A destination tag can refer to the actual road sign or signposts that a driver will see. It can include the name of the exit or a reference to the major highway ahead.

Exit numbers

Exit numbers are used to guide drivers from one exit to the next. These numbers are required by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and should match the mile markers. This will help drivers know where they are and know how far away they are. However, a new exit number requires a new system, which is not covered under the warranty.

Exit numbers are also used by pedestrians for navigation. While freeway exits are numbered, not all intersections are. Some non-freeways have exit numbers for their at-grade intersections. Examples of these include Grand Concourse and Linden Boulevard. Both were once numbered per intersection, but as of 2011 no longer use them. Other examples include West Side Highway, which only have exit numbers in major intersections to correspond to the planned Westway freeway.


Signage at exit navigation can be an important safety feature. It is a good idea to have a consistent way to navigate the exits, since drivers need to know what exit to take to get to their destination. In addition, it is also helpful if the exit numbers are in the same location across the country.

Exit number signage is not always clear, however. Some of them display the exit number as a miniature road sign, which makes it difficult to read.

Drop routes

If you’re looking for a way to make your exit navigation easier, you can set up Drop routes. This feature allows you to choose your destination and save the route at the account level. To create a route, you must be within 100 miles of your current location. To do so, move your finger to the location and tap the ” button. A purple route will appear on the map. Once you’ve entered your destination, the system will begin a countdown and switch to your destination.

Google assistant

Exit navigation is a handy way to find a convenient exit. When approaching major intersections, exit navigation will tell you the next exit on the left. You can also ask the assistant to help you find the next exit if you are at a crossroads. Then follow the directions of the assistant to reach your destination.

To activate voice navigation, you need to enable voice recognition in Google Assistant. First, you should speak “OK Google” twice followed by “Hey Google” in a quiet environment. After saying these commands, you will see the microphone icon turn color and respond to your voice commands.

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