If you’re an HR manager, you’re probably always looking for ways to serve your team better and simplify your workflows. An excellent way to do this is by introducing new HR technology into your office, such as virtual office software. This software lets you go on virtual tours of potential employees’ homes before deciding whether or not to hire them. With just one simple platform like this, you can save yourself from having to do double the work in half the time!

Save on office space.

The average employee spends 50 percent of their time in an office environment. While you may need a formal office space to conduct meetings and manage day-to-day operations, virtual office software is a great alternative to an expensive bricks-and-mortar location if you don’t have a physical presence in your industry. Your employees can log into your virtual tour anywhere, even from their own homes. 

No more sifting through piles of paper

You can easily access pay stubs and tax forms for all employees from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. And, if you need a look at how someone is performing from year to year, it’s a matter of clicking on his virtual photo in whatever department he’s working in to see an entire work history with real pay stubs right in front of you. This saves HR managers time and effort that would otherwise be spent sifting through piles of paper. It also helps keep track of employee performance over time, making it easier to determine who should be promoted or fired.

Virtual employee visits are easy.

Now that your team is a virtual one, it’s important to ensure they’re taken care of. One way to do that is by giving them a virtual tour, showing them where things are in their office. Another way is to set up a fake pay stub: so they can check how much money they get each week. You could even go as far as setting up an automatic deposit system. This way, employees will know exactly when and how much they’ll be paid—and they won’t have to worry about forgetting any steps or dealing with paper checks (or worse, payroll errors). This system works well for remote workers who work on different schedules or don’t all live near each other; it also makes it easier for new hires who might not be familiar with direct deposit.

Review pay stubs at any time

In most states, it’s illegal for employers to show inaccurate pay stubs to employees. Having access to payroll information helps keep managers informed on salary issues and ensures they are compliant with fair labor practices laws. If a paycheck doesn’t add up or there’s a mistake, you can troubleshoot immediately and take corrective action before an employee files a complaint or lawsuit. HR software is specifically designed for these purposes: They help ensure accuracy and compliance so that managers don’t have to worry about legal issues or potential liability. And if something does go wrong—which it inevitably will—they make it easy to fix before further damage is done.

Take virtual tours

With virtual office software, HR managers and payroll professionals can access their company’s pay stubs anytime, from anywhere. They don’t have to travel to a single location to access real-time employee information. For example, an HR manager might want to look at their workers’ W2s before they leave for vacation or would like an idea of how much they should set aside for taxes before calculating deductions. In both cases, virtual office software makes it possible for them to review all important documents with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Track employee hours with a GPS

If your team works outside a traditional 9-to-5 schedule, it can be hard to manage who is doing what and when. A GPS for employee location tracking lets you know exactly when an employee starts and stops working. The software will generate a real pay stub every time an employee punches in or out, and it also generates alerts if someone is clocking in late—which can trigger automatic discipline. It’s a good way to ensure your team is productive without disrupting their schedules. We’re often asked how to track remote employees—and an employee clock-in/out system can help with that, too.

Streamline your HR management process with real-time data

In today’s business world, your employees are just as part of your brand as your customers. As such, you want to be sure they have an incredible experience while at work and receive proper support and attention when they need it. Remote workers are part of that equation and make up a significant chunk of today’s workforce; some companies have even decided to hire remote workers en masse instead of hiring new in-office employees. Whether you currently use remote workers or not, HR management software can help you streamline your HR management process with real-time data for everything from tracking time-off requests to reviewing employee performance evaluations.


The increasing number of businesses and individual professionals opting for a virtual office solution, choosing to lease or buy a fully furnished, pre-equipped, serviced, and managed office space that is all set up and running, ready to be used as per one’s convenience in terms of location and timing. This means that employees can work from home when they want to and remain connected with their colleagues through video conferencing, telephone calls, and emails. This new approach to business offers several benefits, such as greater flexibility for employees who don’t have to commute daily from home to office. It also cuts down on business costs by reducing real estate expenses. The software helps attract top talent since people today are looking for flexible working hours; it also allows companies to scale up or down quickly by allowing them to expand into new markets without having any upfront capital expenditure costs associated with setting up offices around the world.

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