HR trends for 2022

The talent shortage and competition for talent have escalated in the last year to the point that it has forced companies to try new recruiting methods and invest heavily in the HR brand. One of the main trends in the labor market is 150 million new jobs in IT. This means that the most proactive and creative will survive. Those who will not only be on the wave of trends, but will also participate in their creation. More information in the upcoming trends in HR is available via the link (

 Remote work: yes or no?

The answer is yes. 70% of executives expect employees to return to regular work schedules. At the same time, more than 50% of employees are ready to give 5% of their salary just to work from home. 70% of the staff do not require an office and can work from anywhere in the world.

A remote work schedule has a positive effect on the harmony of personal and professional life. As a result, 11% of staff plan on spending more time with their families, while 22% still want to see colleagues in person.

Working from home is supported by new technologies. For example, the company Meta, which creates an entire metaverse, as well as Microsoft, which announced Mesh for Teams, a solution for collaboration and meetings in mixed reality. Therefore, HR professionals should start preparing colleagues for work in the metaverse.

 Power Skills

In 2022, HR will bet on Power Skills. These include leadership, teamwork, communication, strategy, and collaboration skills. The skills of empathy, mercy, humility and the ability to forgive will also be valued.

 Internal recruiting

More and more companies, namely 50%, will look for and hire specialists within the company. More efforts will be directed to the cultivation of their talents and the formation of a personnel reserve. Therefore, more and more efforts will be invested in the development of methods for assessing employees, developing competencies and assessing competencies.

This year, it will be extremely important for recruiting to develop an HR brand, knowledge of assessment methods, search for the necessary specialists, the ability to cooperate with managers in a subtle consultative manner, as well as freeing recruiters from routine work using the HRM system. After all, the work of recruiters in 2022 will be evaluated higher, so companies need to direct HR capabilities to important goals and objectives.

 HR analytics

HR analytics is a must-have in 2022. 83% of companies do not use HR analytics. And in vain, because organizations whose actions are based on analytical data:

5 times more attractive to job seekers and looks like a great place to work;

Engage and retain employees 8 times more;

Reach the goal 2.6 times more effectively;

6.7 times better adapt to changes;

7.7 times more intensively introduce innovations.

Therefore, many companies will train specialists in analytics, diagramming, hypotheses, and statistics.

 Digital Transformation in HR

In 202, businesses will strive not to pay extra money and not make unnecessary moves, so multifunctional, all-in-one systems will be in demand:

Talent insights solutions that give advice to people;

Functionality related to the skills of employees;

Settings for HR, where managers themselves, without the involvement of programmers, will be able to create forms and processes within the systems;

The ability to upload training content by employees;

Functions related to receiving feedback from employees: from questionnaires, for example, 180 and 360 degrees to passive listening.


The development of technology affects not only processes, most of which are now very easy to automate. Each and every dot net web development company as well as any other company that wants to stay competitive must follow these trends. It also affects the set of competencies. Knowledge of technology stacks, methodologies and applied knowledge is as highly valued as ever, but the request for soft skills seems to come out on top. In the same way as among candidates and current employees – a request for humanity.

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