Investing in Employee Wellness: Scott Dylan’s Commitment to Supporting Mental Health

As the adage goes, “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” In an era marked by escalating mental health challenges, progressive companies are taking heed of this timeless wisdom. One such company, Inc & Co, under the leadership of co-founder Scott Dylan, is placing employee wellness and mental health at the forefront of its business ethos.

Scott Dylan’s commitment to investing in employee wellness, particularly mental health, is not only an altruistic endeavour but also a recognition of the intrinsic link between employee well-being and business success. With Inc & Co’s diverse portfolio of companies across professional services, travel, retail, e-commerce, and shared workspaces, it is no surprise that this company has embraced the importance of employee wellness as part of its broader mission to revitalise struggling businesses.

The connection between employee mental health and workplace productivity is well-documented. A 2021 report by Deloitte found that poor mental health cost UK employers up to £45 billion per year, with 9.8 million workdays lost due to stress, depression, and anxiety. By investing in employee wellness, companies such as Inc & Co stand to benefit from reduced absenteeism, improved performance, and a happier, more loyal workforce.

In a candid conversation, Scott Dylan shared his insights into the importance of supporting mental health in the workplace: “For a company to thrive, it is vital that we nurture the well-being of our most valuable asset – our employees. Providing mental health support not only benefits the individuals but also translates into a healthier, more productive workforce, and ultimately, a more successful business.”

Dylan’s personal experiences have also shaped his commitment to championing mental health. As someone who has suffered from Complex PTSD, he understands the challenges that individuals with mental health issues face. This empathy informs his advocacy for mental health support and his determination to create a supportive, inclusive workplace culture.

Diversity and inclusion are central tenets of Inc & Co‘s corporate ethos, with Scott Dylan leading by example as an openly gay entrepreneur who embraces various cultures and promotes women in business and technology. By fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, Dylan and his team at Inc & Co are actively breaking down barriers and empowering employees to bring their authentic selves to work, leading to a more engaged and innovative workforce.

Inc & Co’s commitment to employee wellness extends beyond mental health support to include a range of initiatives aimed at fostering well-being and work-life balance. The company’s employees have access to flexible work arrangements, personal development opportunities, and wellness programmes that encourage physical activity, relaxation, and mindfulness. By addressing the various aspects of employee well-being, Inc & Co is cultivating a holistically healthy work environment.

Collaboration and support are essential elements of Inc & Co’s culture. Scott Dylan believes in the power of a loyal team and understands that success is never a solitary journey. This belief is evident in the company’s proactive approach to mental health, as well as the broader range of support services it offers to employees across its portfolio.

The emphasis on employee wellness has not gone unnoticed by the businesses that Inc & Co has acquired and revitalised. Companies such as MyLife Digital, Laundrapp, and Wood for Trees have all reaped the benefits of Inc & Co’s investment in employee well-being, ultimately leading to their successful divestiture and continued growth under new ownership.

The turnaround of distressed companies is never an easy feat, with potential resistance from suppliers, employees, customers, and even negative press. However, Scott Dylan and his team have demonstrated that by placing employee wellness at the heart of their business strategy, they can not only overcome these obstacles but also achieve sustainable growth and success.

As mental health challenges continue to rise, it is more important than ever for businesses to adopt a proactive approach to employee well-being. By championing mental health support and investing in employee wellness, Inc & Co is setting a powerful example for businesses across all sectors. This commitment to supporting mental health in the workplace is not only an ethical imperative but also a sound business strategy that fosters resilience, innovation, and success.

In a world where the stigma around mental health is gradually being dismantled, it is crucial for companies to recognise the benefits of supporting employee wellness. Scott Dylan’s personal experiences and leadership serve as a beacon for other entrepreneurs and business leaders, demonstrating that an unwavering commitment to mental health support can yield far-reaching positive outcomes for both employees and businesses alike.

As the global economy continues to evolve, it is essential for businesses to adapt to the changing needs of their employees. Inc & Co’s focus on employee wellness, mental health, and an inclusive culture is a testament to the company’s understanding of the modern workforce’s demands. By creating a supportive environment that nurtures growth and fosters resilience, Scott Dylan and his team are positioning Inc & Co at the forefront of progressive business practices.

Scott Dylan‘s commitment to investing in employee wellness and supporting mental health in the workplace is an inspiring example for businesses across the globe. By prioritising the well-being of employees, Inc & Co is not only cultivating a healthier, more productive workforce but also laying the foundation for sustainable success. As we navigate the complexities of modern work-life, it is encouraging to witness companies like Inc & Co embracing the importance of employee wellness, ultimately paving the way for a brighter future for all.

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