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Before you buy a Jaxxon bracelet, you should be sure that you are getting the right one. The chain can be either a Cuban link or rope chain. The first type is more common and is typically 3mm wide, while the second type is a bit larger at 7mm. Regardless of what chain you choose, be sure to read reviews about the brand so that you can make an informed decision.

Cuban link chain

The Cuban link chain is a classic necklace that can be worn for any occasion. It is available in 14K yellow gold and polished stainless steel. It is wonderfully weighted and adjustable, making it an excellent choice for any occasion. This piece is the epitome of classic beauty. If you’re looking for the perfect necklace for special occasions, this is it.

The Cuban link chain has been a favorite accessory for the fashionable elite for years. Its popularity exploded around 2012 when hip-hop fashion influencers started wearing them.

Rope chain

The Jaxxon rope chain is made of a heavy-weight gold-plated chain that is great for layering. The links are cut like diamonds for added detail and serious sparkle. This necklace is similar to a Cuban link chain, but more modern and wearable. It’s available in gold, rose gold, silver, and rhodium-coated silver.

The necklaces can be purchased in various lengths, depending on the length you desire. The company lists the most popular lengths on its website. The jewelry ships free of charge to the United States and to other countries. You can also request expedited shipping options, which are calculated at checkout. Jaxxon also offers a 7-day return policy on most items, as long as they’re in their original packaging. The company also honors returns for solid gold items.

3mm Cuban link chain

This 3mm Cuban link chain by JaxxON is a perfect addition to any necklace collection. This versatile chain features v-shaped links to create understated details and variety. It is crafted with sterling silver for durability. Its versatile shape also makes it easy to match with other necklaces, ranging from classic to modern.

The 3mm Cuban Link Chain by Jaxxon is made from sterling silver and 14K gold, and is thin enough to wear alone or stacked with other chains. The chain is Italian-made and features a polished finish to retain its shine for a long time. Jaxxon also offers this chain in a pure silver finish, which makes it easy to match with any other jewelry you already own.

This necklace is a classic choice for any woman. It features a sophisticated design with feminine details. You can easily layer it with other chains or a statement jewel piece to create a stunning look. You can wear this chain as a necklace or a bracelet.

7mm Cuban link chain

The Jaxxon 7mm Cuban link chain is a stunning piece of jewelry for any occasion. The chain’s V-shaped links add subtle variation and understated detail. Its unique design is a great choice for women who appreciate understated details. Its brushed silver finish is an elegant addition to any ensemble. It comes in a selection of styles and is available in an array of metals.

The Jaxxon 7mm Cuban link chain is the thickest of the Jaxxon chain varieties. It is available in both silver and gold-bonded options. Both options will cost you around $239.

5mm Cuban link chain

For a subtle variation from the classic Cuban Chain, try the V-shaped link. This style will add understated detail and variety to your ensemble. It comes with a stainless steel clasp for easy on-and-off wearing. Jaxxon’s Cuban Link Chain is available in 5mm and 10mm widths.

The classic Cuban Link Chain from Jaxxon has become one of the most popular styles, and is a great choice for casual wear. Available in gold, rose gold, and silver, the 5mm Cuban Link Chain costs $159, while the solid black rhodium version is available for $169.

The Cuban chain is a popular style among men. Its bold, large links create a masculine presence, but it’s also not too heavy or flashy. It’s also subtle enough to blend in with your personal style. The 5mm Cuban link chain by Jaxxon is a popular choice, and has a five-star rating on Amazon.

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