Kentaro Roy’s Quest to Help Others Earn More While Doing What They Love

Kentaro Roy is a self-made entrepreneur and investor in Bitcoin. He has made a name for himself after starting a marketing agency while attending high school and turning the business into a venture he would successfully run for a decade before selling in 2018. Although he managed to make millions, with more than enough to transition comfortably into retirement at the age of 29, he decided that he wanted to use his vast knowledge for the sake of helping other people who want to start businesses.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship and everything good that comes from it but also loves Bitcoin and believes it’s the key solution to global theft perpetuated by central banks and government agencies in different areas across the globe. His goal is to show others that starting a business and making wise investments to build wealth are two things they can do, even if they both seem challenging or complicated in the beginning.

So, how does Kentaro plan on helping other people earn more, become successful entrepreneurs, and make those most well-informed investments that can lead to wealth? Through his podcast, the Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast.

“I started this podcast because of my passion for other people. Yes, I could’ve decided to retire, but I knew that I wanted to help other people achieve their goals, whether that would be starting their businesses or even learning how to make investments in Bitcoin,” shares Kentaro Roy. “On each episode of the podcast, I will interview an entrepreneur with a unique perspective, often people from all around the world. The people I’m interviewing on the podcast are self-made millionaires with valuable insight to share on building a business, investing, and overcoming the many obstacles throughout the journey.”

The idea behind the podcast is to help inspire listeners worldwide while making them realize their dreams aren’t as out of reach as they might have initially thought. During the podcast episodes, Kentaro asks questions and dives deep to get the most information possible from successful people willing to share their stories with others.

“I know that a lot of people want to start businesses and invest in confidence to build wealth. But, of course, they don’t know how to make that happen and don’t have millionaire mentors to go to for help with the process. My podcast aims to help these people by providing them with real stories from successful entrepreneurs who’ve experienced the highs and lows but have managed to make it and build generational wealth for themselves and their loved ones,” says Roy. “I firmly believe knowledge is power. My listeners can take what they learn from each interview and apply it to their daily lives, ultimately avoiding common mistakes and getting their careers started while making investments in Bitcoin.”

As a Bitcoin enthusiast and successful entrepreneur, Kentaro Roy is ready to give back through the power of knowledge on his podcast. Those interested in listening to candid stories and straight talk on Bitcoin can benefit from tuning in to find out what steps they can take to do what they love while building wealth.

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