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Taking a trip to Athens can be a memorable experience. The city is rich in history and has many attractions that are a must for any tourist. These attractions include the Four Seasons Astir Palace, the Ancient Delphi, and the Kerameikos cemetery.

Ancient Delphi

During ancient Greek times, Delphi was considered the most sacred place on Earth. The Delphi Oracle, a powerful oracle, was located at this site. It was consulted on private matters and on political and military affairs of the state. In addition, many cities sought the advice of the Oracle before launching colonies abroad.

Delphi was first settled in Mycenaean times in the late Bronze Age. The site was later occupied by the Phocaeans in central Greece. It was eventually under the rule of the Macedonians. Phillip II, the father of Alexander the Great, was the ruler of Delphi. In 279 BCE, the Aetolians overthrew the Macedonians and took control of the sanctuary.

The first temple to be built was destroyed by a fire in 548 BC. The sanctuary was also raided by a Thracian tribe in 83 BC. A part of the temple roof collapsed during the raid.

The Amphictyonic Council was a group of representatives from the six Greek tribes. They controlled the Pythian Games of Delphi. They met biannually. These games consisted of singing hymns to Apollo, competing in musical competitions, and holding athletic events. Prizes included crowns of laurel or bay leaves.

Four Seasons Astir Palace

Located on the Athens Riviera, the Four Seasons is a mere 30 minutes from the historical centre of Athens. The property is the gist of the lot and boasts an array of dining and shopping options, including the opulent and de rigueur luxury boutiques. The hotel’s most enticing amenity is its beachfront setting, where guests can lounge and take in the sun and surf. Its amenities include a state-of-the-art health club, two outdoor pools, one indoor pool, and a sprightly set of tennis courts. The Four Seasons Athens Riviera is also home to an award winning spa. Some of the best massages in town. A trip to the hotel will set you back less than you’d pay for a visit to the cheapest hotel in town.

A sultry nights stay in the hotel will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to explore all the attractions that make Athens the city it is. The hotel’s central location provides easy access to the Athens metro system, as well as the Acropolis, the city’s main draw.

Kerameikos cemetery

Located on the northwest side of the Acropolis, Kerameikos is a popular archaeological site. The area was once the center of Attic pottery production, and was home to the potters’ quarter and Sacred Gate. In addition, the Panathenaic Festival was held here. It was a large annual ceremony, which consisted of a sacrifice of at least 100 cows, in honor of the goddess Athena.

Kerameikos was also the burial ground of prominent Athenians. The cemetery contains thousands of tombs, and is also home to a small museum with an interesting display of pottery.

Archaeological excavations at Kerameikos began in 1870, and have continued under the German Archaeological Institute at Athens. The Institute is headed by Professor Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier.

At the Kerameikos Museum, visitors can view important Geometric art pieces from the eighth century BC. In the museum’s outer courtyard, there are larger sculptures. The museum has a number of grave markers, which are not statues. The original gravestones are housed in the National Museum, but there are many reproductions in the museum.

Sofia-capital nature sanctuary

Having lived in Sofia for over a decade, LoranoCarter is well-placed to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of Sofia. This tourist guide has a knack for arranging a well-balanced itinerary for your trip to Bulgaria. Whether you’re looking to experience the culture or want to indulge in some luxury, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

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You can also take in the views from the rooftop terrace at Culture Box, a restaurant that offers an extensive menu of drinks. You’ll also get a taste of the traditional Bulgarian food market, Zhenski Pazar.

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