My Daemon Release Date: November 23rd on Netflix

My Daemon Release Date: Diving into the fantastical realms of animation, ‘My Daemon,’ a fresh series conceived by Japanese writer Otsuichi (also known as Hirotaka Adachi) in collaboration with Igloo Studio’s Thai animators, gears up to captivate viewers’ imagination. These talented animators previously contributed to the remarkable animation in Netflix’s ‘Love, Death + Robots’ episode, ‘Kill Team Kill.’

The storyline unravels after a cataclysmic nuclear blast triggers a tear between Earth and the infernal abyss of Hell. Young Kento finds himself entangled in an unforeseen turn of events when his mother faces a tragic accident. Partnering with Anna, an enigmatic being originating from this otherworldly rift, Kento embarks on a courageous quest to rescue his mother.

Yet, their journey is far from straightforward. As they traverse this perilous path, malevolent forces relentlessly close in on the duo.

Here’s the scoop on all you need to know:

When is the Release Date of ‘My Daemon’?

‘My Daemon’ is set to grace screens worldwide via Netflix on Thursday, November 23rd. The episode count remains undisclosed, but updates will be provided once the information is available.

Who Comprises the Cast of ‘My Daemon’?

While the series will offer multilingual accessibility upon launch, Netflix has not yet unveiled the official cast list. Stay tuned for updates as Netflix reveals more details.

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Exploring the Plot of ‘My Daemon’

In the aftermath of Earth’s catastrophic upheaval, a catastrophic rift between our world and the horrors of Hell brings chaos and obscurity. Protagonist Kento navigates this chaotic landscape, encountering Anna, a Daemon, in the depths of a forest. A unique bond forms between them, marked by mutual assistance and discovery.

Initially resembling a diminutive, almost canine figure, Anna harbors concealed powers and abilities that Kento gradually unravels. Determined to find his missing mother, Kento’s journey threads together themes of camaraderie, determination, and the struggle against societal barriers.

How Many Episodes Does ‘My Daemon’ Contain?

While official confirmation of the episode count remains pending, an estimated range of eight to thirteen episodes aligns with other anime shows on Netflix. Updates on the episode count will be provided as soon as available.

Catch a Glimpse: ‘My Daemon’ Trailer

Netflix dropped the English-subtitled trailer on November 9th, teasing audiences with its vibrant 3D animation and eerily realistic Daemon characters. Drawing comparisons to the acclaimed dark sci-fi masterpiece ‘Made in Abyss,’ the trailer unveils suspense-laden sequences, hinting at a gripping and immersive journey.

As further details on the episode count and duration remain undisclosed, we’ll ensure you’re swiftly updated. So, keep an eye out for this thrilling new anime series, exclusively streaming on Netflix.

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