New Walmart Marketplace Listing Quality Scores – FAQ

To help its sellers to improve their visibility and sales, Walmart recently released the Listing Quality Dashboard. By engaging Walmart’s marketplace insights, you can boost sales for your business. Product listings often have a negative impact on the performance of your business. We will address some of those questions here. 

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Q1. What is Listing Quality Score, and how does it work?

From the search process through the purchasing and returning process, a listing quality score considers all aspects of a customer’s experience with an item. Listing Quality consists of four major elements: Content & Discoverability, Offer, Ratings & Reviews, and Postpurchase Quality.

  • Creating content that is discoverable. Informing people about what you are selling. In search results, how well your item appears will be determined by how much content you include on its page.
  • An offer. In addition to offering low prices, Walmart strives to provide its customers with the best service. They use an algorithm to reward retailers for keeping their prices competitive.
  • Reviews and ratings. The quality score of your listing is enhanced by positive reviews.
  • Post-Purchase Quality. In addition to time deliveries and returns, Marketplace sellers are also evaluated for their Listing Quality score.

Each of these four elements contributes to the Listing Quality Score and very important to take into consideration in Walmart management. The weights vary from Walmart category to Walmart category. The price might dictate the importance of cooking oil, but the rating and image of furniture might be more essential.

Q2. Explain the difference between the Listing Quality Score and Content Quality Score?

Walmart uses its Content Quality Score to keep its product pages updated for suppliers. Based on its content, price, shipping, rating, and return rate, Listing Quality is an indicator of how satisfied the shopper is with Walmart Marketplace items. 

For pricing take the market analysis then analyze the prices. While for shipping go through first class vs priority mail details. Content Quality scores at Walmart are based on how easy it is to find items through Walmart’s search engine. Marketplace sellers can access a new Listing Quality Score through Seller Central, while first-party providers receive an upgraded Content Quality Score.

Content and many other aspects of product pages are included in the Listing Quality score. By looking into your product-level content and attributes, the Content Quality score measures whether your product page is discovered in search results.

Q3. How important is it to optimize my Walmart listing?

Your Walmart listings will rank higher in search results if you use the Walmart Listing Quality Dashboard to boost your ranking. When your Walmart listing’s quality score drops, your search ranking will be affected, as Walmart continually rates your listing. 

In addition to the Pro Seller badge, Marketplace sellers who perform consistently well can also earn “a mark of excellence”. When your brand receives this badge, consumers will have more trust in your brand and you’ll win the Buy Box.

Rankings are not the only reason to optimize your listings. As a result, quality listings increase conversions because consumers have greater trust in your product. You should have consistent branding and quality information on your product listings in every marketplace, not just Walmart. Whenever possible, avoid channel conflicts. Consistent branding across all online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others increases consumer trust. A lower price point on one marketplace will decrease sales on the more expensive marketplaces as well.

Q4. What practices should you avoid in order to achieve a high listing quality rating? 

The common mistake new Walmart Marketplace sellers make is making the same mistakes. We’ve listed the top three mistakes to avoid here.

  • By copying and pasting your Amazon listings, you can place them on Walmart

If you copy and paste Amazon listings, you can theoretically replicate results. This could cause problems, though: Walmart requires that product titles and descriptions must be unique, so if they’re not, Walmart may flag them as duplicate content. In addition, Walmart may not accept Amazon’s copy.

Walmart’s marketplace is different due to its price structure, taxonomy, requirements, and algorithms. Prime members gain access to Amazon’s advanced ranking algorithm, which can elevate them to the top of the rankings. The Walmart website offers a rudimentary ranking system as well as fast shipping tags and pro seller badges. Not every Amazon business strategy works on Walmart.

  • Inadequate data on products

Walmart occasionally overlooks proper entry of product data that is incorrect or incomplete. Those basic specifications would have been entered, for example, your product’s brand, size, material, etc. Yet you are missing advanced features like eco-friendliness, verification, etc. If you don’t include these details, you could lose ranking points. Those filtered search results would be available only in Walmart category pages, based on the left-hand menu.

  • Consider Walmart and Amazon to have the same algorithms

There is a great deal of variety in the algorithms that each market uses, but assuming they are the same would be an error. Amazon prioritizes Prime Status based on its algorithm, which takes into account a seller’s intent. Walmart’s relevance-judging algorithm uses a slightly different set of rules than Amazon’s, which is focused on exact keyword match.

You must also perform the following Walmart SEO tasks:

  • To make sure your product appears under the right search terms, categorize and attribute it
  • To comply with Walmart’s copy requirements, it is important to keep the product name short and simple
  • After viewing the product description, the Walmart search engine determines if a visitor is likely to make a purchase based on at least four images.
  • A product page that uses keywords unnaturally is seen as spam by search engines.
  • As part of Walmart’s ‘great value’ policy, you must have the lowest landing price possible


Optimizing listings should be easier for sellers with Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard. Post-purchase grade information is available to sellers, as well as information about their Pro Seller Badges, along with their Post-purchase quality.

To increase sales, Amazon’s product listings, product display pages, and customer satisfaction must be improved. You must constantly improve and update your product profile to maintain a high post-purchase quality score. 

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