Planet-Friendly Options for Your Kitchen Countertop Ideas

If you really want to make the ultimate statement when it comes to your home décor efforts, you should consider starting with your kitchen. Here, installing a stunning countertop is a really good idea since it will become the focal point of your kitchen, and by extension the whole house.

However, many common countertops are not eco-friendly. For example, granite is a non-renewable source. Moreover, it might give off radon gas that is potentially harmful to your family. The same applies to regular wood as well. Several magnificent trees might have to be cut to create your countertop. Moreover, unsealed raw wood can host all kinds of bacteria that can lead to various ailments of the stomach.

Fortunately, common countertop options are not the only available materials when it comes to making that awesome statement in your kitchen. There do exist plenty of planet-friendly and nontoxic choices available these days. These options are every bit as good-looking as anything else around— maybe even more so. Let us take a quick look at a few such countertop ideas for your kitchen:

o   Bamboo

This is a very fast-growing as well as a renewable resource. One that makes an amazing planet-friendly countertop material. This is partly because it is technically a form of grass. However, bamboo looks, feels, and even functions just like wood. You can check out its wide variety of grain patterns as well as colors. It will require periodic sealing so that it is always well protected from scratches, heat, and water damage. It is very easy to clean with the help of any mild dishwashing detergent. A few casual swipes of the dishcloth will restore it so that it always looks as good as new.

o   Paper Composite Countertops

If you are looking forward to a comprehensive environmentally-friendly kitchen remodeling project, you should consider getting a paper composite countertop. Certain kinds of paper waste can be converted into all kinds of eco-friendly kitchen countertops. This can be done by the fairly simple and low energy-consuming process of compressing the paper until it turns into a large solid block. This block is subsequently finished with a natural-looking but very hard resin. The result is a sleek and strong finish that can easily be compared to any sort of solid-surface countertops. All such paper composite countertops tend to be quite durable and heat-tolerant. Moreover, they are also resistant to chips and nicks while being easy to clean.

o   Recycled Glass

These countertops are made up of pieces of glass that are mixed with both concrete and/or porcelain and subsequently cast into slabs. These great looking and environmentally friendly countertops look just like natural stone countertops and are almost equally durable too. The material is easily available in a broad array of different shapes and colors and can last for a very long time indeed. It is also nonporous and therefore easy to clean too. It also highly resistant to heat

o   Reclaimed Wood

This kind of wood is usually taken from old barns that are marked for destruction as well as other demolished structures. As a general rule, reclaimed wood is an excellent material that can be used to craft the ultimate rustic and beautiful countertop. However, it is pertinent to note that wood can easily split, stain, and burn. Therefore, you should have it re-sealed frequently. It will enable your kitchen to pull off an aged look quite well indeed. You can also use the surface as a sort of cutting board and any nicks and scratches would just simply add to its uniquely timeless appeal. Cleaning reclaimed wood is simple and you can do the job easily enough with the help of lukewarm, soapy water. There is no need to use cleaning tools or harsh and abrasive chemicals.

o   Conclusion

Apart from the above, recycled plastic also makes a great eco-friendly kitchen countertop idea. It does not matter if you use old and aged wood, recycled glass, or even composite paper. All of these kitchen remodeling options are planet friendly and would add a touch of beauty and class to your kitchen. If you want your kitchen to look good and save your planet at the same time, any one of the above would do just fine.

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