Planning to Drive in NYC Here Are Some Tips For Help

If you are planning to explore the grandest city on earth in opulence and style, heading straight to an exotic car rental service in NYC is your best bet! You can rent a Bentley perhaps, and cruise along in pure style. Although there are many other cheaper alternatives to explore the city, like hiring an Uber, or using public transport or shared cabs, having your own luxury vehicle spells a different level of convenience only if you do not mind hunting for parking spaces in this big, crowded city. Once you are behind the wheel of your dream vehicle, here are some important things to keep in mind.

Learn how Driving Through NYC Is Likely to Feel 

Be Extremely Vigilant at Traffic Lights: When you stop at signals, it is wise to keep all your engines fired up at signals and press the pedal as soon as the lights turn green. Remember, even a moment’s delay will trigger a honking riot from the car right behind you! The noise can blow your boot! Just keep steady and move ahead. You are likely to get used to it in no time. 

Keep an Eye on Pedestrian Crossings: Just because you need to react quickly does not mean you do not pay attention to pedestrian crossings. Never use the “walk” signal as your proceed cue. Keep looking for the green light to appear. There are quite a few crossings where the green signal is delayed and timed with “walk” signals so that the pedestrians can cross the road safely before vehicles start moving ahead. 

Re-Evaluate the Safety Features of your Vehicle: When you are seeking the nearest exotic car rentals, make sure you choose a vehicle that carries all necessary safety features. When driving in New York City, you would literally need eyes on the backside of the head too! Is there a blind spot detector? Oftentimes, you will suddenly notice a vehicle zooming in from nowhere and following your boot. A “cross-traffic alert” is also equally important. Considering that you have opted for a high-end vehicle, all these features are likely to be present. However, it is only wise to recheck. 

Be Extra Protective about your Side View Mirrors: As soon as you switch off your car, fold off your side-view mirrors. This is especially a requirement if you park on the street-side. Now that you have rented a luxury vehicle from an exotic car rental in Roslyn, NY; replacing a damaged mirror can actually cost a bomb! Remember there are pedestrians, skateboarders, bikers, and of course other vehicles clamoring for space! Keeping your mirrors folded will only help the cause. It will also save you some precious bucks! 

Be Extra Cautious about Random People on the Streets: Watch out for people walking their dogs mid-street, who have their eyes fixed on their mobile screens as they cross the roads, bikers who are distracted by texting, those texting while rolling their bikes, and much more! You need to be extremely alert in order to avoid accidents. 

Follow these rules and play safe! Have a wonderful NYC holiday! 

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