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The TRAI-Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has banned 53 apps, including Garena Free Fire. It happened on 12 February 2022. In this way, if you are a big fan of both games, PUBG and Free Fire, you surely want to know every news of game loot and offer. 

In this blog, you will know the news from Rajkotupdates about the most recent Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile India. According to Rajkotupdates, TRAI has passed the order to Telecom companies to block certain apps’ access. Consequently, Garena Free Fire become disappears from India. 

Why was Garena Free Fire banned in India

Many of you want to know the answer. There are numerous reasons which explain the solution to this question. 

The prime reason behind banning this game is concerns about gaming addiction on a large scale. Another reason is that children spend a lot of time on their smart devices and play the game for limitless time. The third reason is that games can be used for propaganda or wrong purposes. 

About 54 apps that the Government banned on Monday, along with the statement, “These 54 applications are said to obtain different critical permissions and to gather sensitive user data. The real-time data are being sent to other servers in different countries.” 

Further, the Government stated that these applications were used for strict security while using malicious network activities, cameras, GPS, and microphones. This way, all these apps are against the country’s integrity and sovereignty. And also a significant threat to state defence and security. 

According to the people’s reviews, Free Fire is an addicting game and results in great addiction. Gamers consider it as compulsive gamin. On the other hand, some individuals confess that it is a violent niche game and can result in exposure to violent content. 

What is it, Garena Free Fire

Free Fire does not require any introduction as it is one of the most known mobile battle Royale games, beating out Call of Duty, PUBG, and Mobile games of various categories. If you check on Play Store, you will find up to 500 million downloads and 60 million reviews from their user. It is a highly notable achievement.  

Rajkotupdates News Games Garena Free Fire & PUBG India

Another game – PUBG Mobile, has also been banned from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. According to the Garena statement, it happens to investigate Issues with the Indian Government. 

Garena Spokesperson has stated in the statement, “We are doing our best to do necessary investigation for Government and expecting best to provide you the game on App stores as soon as possible.”

No doubt that it is indeed a significant and new twist in free-to-play mobile games and the long-running war of words between Indian Regulators. In this way, currently, some novel guidelines and policies are set by the Indian Government. These guidelines need all the In-game apps featuring payments to declare the odds of winning prizes. 

How to play Garena Free Fire after Ban

One should know that this mobile Royale game is region locked. It means it will be only available in selected countries and not in India. But there is always a solution for every hurdle. You can restrict the region locks and play the game in India using a VPN service. For this purpose, you need to spoof your device location and turn it to appear in unbanned countries. 

Best VPN To Play Free Fire In India

There are some best VPNs you can download and use to play Free Fire banned games in your country. These include:

Express VPN

It is one of the most known super fast VPNs, mainly designed for Free Fire. This VPN is responsible for increasing the online gaming experience in 94 states. However, you can avoid the hassle of overcrowded game servers. 


Another best VPN in the list of Free Fire games. It provides cutting-edge service with the most secure VPN to play the mobile game. You can connect safely with this server, enjoy the super fast gaming experience, and unblock any app. In this way, Onion Over VPN and Double VPN also supports Nord VPN and provide an additional protective layer. 

CyberGhost VPN

If you are new to gaming and want to play Free Fire Mobile games, you should try CyberGhost VPN. It is mainly designed for beginners, providing a convenient and user-friendly interface for content downloading and gaming. This server is currently active in about 91 states all over the world. Additionally, this VPN offer dedicated IPs and allows its user to use similar IP on all devices. 

Besides these, some other best VPNs for banned Free Fire include Private Internet Access – PIA and IPVanish. 

Alternatives of Garena Free Fire

These alternatives include:

  • New state Mobile
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India
  • Pixels Unknown Battle Ground
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Fortnite Mobile

Final Words

PUBG and Garena Free Fire have no distinct differences as these are online mobile games and are free to download from App stores. These are region specific. If any of these games are unavailable in your area, you can use the above-mentioned best VPN to unlock and enjoy the gameplay.  


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