Reasons Why Your Phone is Overheating

Your phone may be overheating for a variety of reasons. You may or may not be aware that your phone is overheating at all. But if the phone feels hot, you have to ask this question of what is causing your phone to overheat? The worst case scenario is that you have to change your current device and look for a new one in your 5g phones list. What are the reasons why your phone is overheating? 

Common Reasons Why Your Phones Overheat

It is caused by direct sunlight

One of the common reasons why phones overheat is because of being under direct sunlight. This is especially true if you are near your office window or you are working onsite under the direct heat of the sun. If you leave your phone under direct sunlight for too long, it may cause your whole phone to overheat.

Sunlight also drains the battery faster. Some of its internal parts may also be damaged due to prolonged exposure of the phone to the sun. To avoid this from happening, you must consistently be aware of your phone’s position and location when it is not in your pocket or bag. 

It is caused by an overloaded CPU

Another reason that is causing your phone to overheat is because of running too many apps on your mobile device. Your phone can only do so much in terms of loading and continuously running apps and games simultaneously. For the flagship 5g phones list, you can be sure that it can sustain a lot of apps as they run at the same time. But for budget phones and midrange devices, you can expect these to lag because of the limited capability of the CPU. 

To prevent this from happening, you have to be aware of the apps that use a lot of your CPU memory. By knowing what these apps are, you should only use them one at a time. You also have to reset your phone once in a while for the phone’s memory to recover. 

It is caused by a faulty battery

You should also observe and watch the battery of your phone. A faulty battery may be causing your phone to overheat. If the battery of the phone is bulging on the side, it is definitely time to change the batteries. It can be dangerous for you to recharge faulty batteries. 

If the battery works fine, then you must check the charger cable of your phone. A faulty battery charger can also cause your phone to overheat. You can use the charger cable on another phone to check if it is still working. If there are problems with your charging cable, you must get a replacement right away. 

It is caused by prolonged gaming

If you notice that your phone gets hot during gaming, it may be because you are putting much load on your hardware. Your prolonged gaming may be causing your phone to overheat. The game’s high resolution may also be adding to the increased CPU workload. 

To resolve this, you have to stop gaming for a while. You have to give time for your phone to reset and recover. 


You must always take care of your phone. You can never go wrong with extending your efforts in order to ensure that your phone is not overheating. If you are experiencing overheating with your phone, it is time to start observing it. In case you cannot find a solution to the problem of your phone, you can always take a look at your 5g phones list and decide on your phone replacement to ensure your safety and guarantee that your phone will still help you day in and day out. 

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