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Anime is a genre of fiction that focuses on the story, character design and the soundtrack. Anime consists of a series of animated films, and the characters in the films usually change throughout the series.

Character design

Featuring characters with substance, Redo of Healer is an anime adaptation of the light novel of the same name. It tells the story of Keyaru, a boy with healing magic who goes back in time to exact revenge on his enemies. He is aided in his quest by Eve Reese, a charmingly sweet girl who can use unlimited mana to kill the current Demon Lord.

Despite its ominous name, Redo of Healer is actually an anime that’s worth a watch. Although it’s not the best looking anime on the block, it’s at least competently made. It’s also the first series to use motion capture technology, which makes it look even more like a video game.

However, it’s not just the design and music that aren’t up to par. Redo of Healer also has excessive amounts of gore. And a lot of that gore is unnecessary.

The story is also very predictable, and the character design isn’t very innovative. Besides the main character, there are only six other characters. The other characters are generic.


Despite its ubiquity in the media, Redo of Healer has been met with mixed reactions. In fact, a handful of fans have criticized the series for its controversial content.

The story of Redo of Healer is based on a Japanese light novel. It was first serialized in December of 2016 on Shosetsuka ni Naro. Later, it received a manga adaptation in 2017.

The story of Redo of Healer follows Keyaru, a boy with healing powers. He is constantly exploited because of his powers. In order to escape from his situation, Keyaru turns back time and takes revenge on his enemies. He then uses his powers to travel back to four years in the past.

Although the story of Redo of Healer has many similarities to the original, there are a few differences. One of them is the use of gore.

The anime version of Redo of Healer uses a lot of gore, despite its mild-mannered character. The show uses its gore in an expository manner. It shows that healing someone in this world causes him mental pain in a matter of seconds.

Rape scene in anime

Anime tends to use sexual assault as a plot device. There are many instances in which male characters are targeted, but there are also plenty of sexual assaults against female characters. The problem is that they are often poorly handled. In addition, certain filmmakers take advantage of people who enjoy watching sexual violence.

A good example of an anime that handles sexual assault well is Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex. In the “Jungle Cruise” episode, assaults are treated as horrific crimes.

Another example is Perfect Blue. The first episode has a rape scene. Afterwards, Chiyuri escapes. The scene isn’t quite as horrifying as Goblin Slayer’s, but it’s still shocking.

Some of the worst instances of sexual assault in anime are against female characters. These attacks are violent and often touch on masculinity. They are framed in a way that makes it clear that it is a rape. The problem is that female characters don’t benefit as much from the advances of male characters as male characters do.


Earlier this year, Kadokawa Shoten announced the release of two CDs for their upcoming anime Redo of Healer. These CDs will include music tracks from the series. They also announced that the anime will premiere in January, 2021. It is based on a light novel written by Rui Tsukiyo and illustrated by Shiokonbu. It also includes characters designed by Junji Goto. It has a full staff of voice actors and animators. They have also released a First Press Bonus for the CDs.

The CDs include a song called “Sleep with a Cruel Dream,” composed by Minami Kuribayashi and lyrics written by Aki Hata. They also include an ending theme song called “If You Dream to Change the World,” sung by Arcana Project. The series also includes songs for the opening and ending scenes. It has been reported that the series will also include songs for the characters.

The other two CDs released for the series are “Healer Girl” and “Yume de Sekai wo Kaeru nara.” The series was also released in a Japanese version, called KaiYari. It also has been serialized in Young Ace UP magazine.

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