Rosa Amelia Rivera

Known as the chief executive of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, Rosa Amelia Rivera is an American television personality and businesswoman. She has also worked as a screenwriter and producer. As a child, she was sexually assaulted. She later adapted this experience into her book and movie “Rosa Amelia.”

Early life

Firstly, it was a long time ago that I was a teenager, let’s call this early adulthood for want of a better tame. Second, it was a time when my parents were at the top of their game, a time when I could be counted amongst the privileged class. Third, it was a time when I had more time for the things like eating, reading, and playing a round of golf. Lastly, it was a time when I was in a good state of mind. Of course, that’s why I chose to take a well-deserved vacation to the Caribbean in the first place. The following year, I rediscovered myself and rediscovered the rest of my family. It was a great time, and I’m sure I’ll feel it all the more now that I’m older, wiser, and a bit more seasoned.

Relationship with Rickey

Whether you like her or not, Rosie Rivera is one of the most well-known Mexican stars in the United States. A native of Long Beach, California, she is the younger sister of singer Jenni Rivera. She was born into a middle-class, Hispanic family of ancestry. She has been active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Rivera grew up in a loving, supportive family. She had three older siblings, including the legendary singer Jenni Rivera. She is also an actress and a podcaster. In addition to her acting and singing career, she has founded an organization to help restore victims of abuse. The group, called Sister Samalia, provides services to single mothers and other women. She has also written a book, My Broken Pieces, which examines her sexual abuse experience during childhood.

Marriage to Abel Flores

Despite a 10-year age gap, Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores have been together for many years. The couple is the parents of three children. Kassandra Rivera, born in 2003, is their oldest. Elias Melek Flores, born in 2015, is their second child.

The couple first met in the Christian church. It was in Long Beach, California. Abel was singing in the choir. The two became friends and began dating. However, the Rivera family was not too fond of their relationship.

In the beginning, Abel was a devout Christian. He was also part of the church choir. He has since earned a degree in music and has released four albums. He is also a worship leader in his church. He has launched a podcast with his wife, called the “Power of Us” podcast. It explains the best and the worst of marriage. They share their story for motivation.

Screenplay about the sexual assault she suffered as a child

Whether you are a parent, a survivor, or simply someone who wants to protect children, you will find some valuable information in Rosalia Rivera’s screenplay about the sexual assault she suffered as a child. In the book, she teaches parents about body safety and how to prevent abuse in their home. She is also a sexual literacy advocate and consent educator. In addition to writing the screenplay, she has been featured on numerous television shows and publications.

In her screenplay, Rivera reveals her painful experience with sexual abuse as a child, including her relationship with the father of her children. She also recounts the pain of her complicit mother and the serial child rapist who hurt her. She hopes that other survivors can find healing in her story.


Having suffered from abuse and betrayal as a child, Rosie Rivera has experienced the trials and triumphs of life in a fairly traumatic manner. In this podcast, the Latina entrepreneur shares her testimony of how God used the pain of her childhood to bring healing to her family and herself. In addition, she explains how to allow God to fight for you.

Rosie Rivera is the founder and CEO of Sister Samalia, a nonprofit organization that serves the needs of victims of drug abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking. She is also a television personality and author. She co-hosts the marriage podcast The Power of Us. She is also an international speaker. Her latest book, God Is Your Defender, is available in Spanish and English.

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