Screen Rant – Ben Kendrick and the Screen Rant Underground Podcast

ScreenRant is an entertainment website that focuses on news in various entertainment fields. The site is run by a team of cinephiles, TV addicts, gamers, and comic book readers. It was launched in 2003 by Vic Holtreman.

Ben Kendrick is the publisher of Screen Rant

Ben Kendrick is the publisher of Screen Rant, a site that he has helmed for the past 13 years. Not to be confused with the eponymous stalwart, Ben is a writer, actor, musician, and most importantly a podcaster. In addition to his day job, he is the host of Screen Rant’s latest iteration, the Screen Rant Underground. This podcast is not for the faint of heart, but Ben’s enthusiasm for pop culture makes for some pretty fun times. On top of his work at Screen Rant, Kendrick has also made appearances in the world of behind the scenes entertainment. If a screenwriting gig beckons, Ben is up for the challenge.

Although Ben may not be a fan of the latest ad blocker or sexiest man in the know, he is a big fan of the film medium if it is told to him in the context of a good story. Ben also enjoys a good mystery movie. He is a devoted fan of the Star Wars franchise, but has no problem with any fantasy or sci-fi flick, and loves a good romp as much as the next guy.

It provides information about movies, trailers, and movie reviews

Screen Rant, a website operated by Screen Rant, LLC, is one of the most popular movie, television, and trailer sites on the Internet. It also provides news, reviews, and other entertainment information.

Since its launch in 2003, Screen Rant has become one of the most comprehensive sources of movie and television information. In addition to a wide variety of movie and TV-related content, the site offers a number of ways for users to submit and share their own thoughts and opinions. Users can also join a community of other film and TV fans on the website.

One of the most popular aspects of the site is its listicles, which include analysis of trailers, box office results, and casting information. Many people find these articles entertaining, but for others they’re a bit too nitpicky.

Another popular channel on the site is Screen Crush, which focuses on film trailers and easter egg references. The site is owned by Grace Randolph, who also runs her own YouTube channel. She has two series called Movie Math and Movie Bytes.

Screen Rant also works with a wide variety of studios, including Warner Bros. and Disney. The site also covers movie premieres in Los Angeles and London. Aside from film and television news, the site also provides information on movie and trailer festivals, including Comic-Con in San Diego.

Screen Rant has been described as the ultimate geek entertainment destination. With more than 8 million subscribers, the site is popular among movie and TV fans around the world. While its audience is predominantly in the United States, the site has also developed a presence in other countries, with a dedicated staff of employees who cover films, TV, and other entertainment events throughout the world.

Its team consists of cinephiles, TV addicts, gamers, and comic book readers

Screen rant is a team of cinephiles, television addicts, comic book readers, and other fans of weird and wonderful films. They meet every Monday night to discuss movies, TV shows, and other geeky entertainment. The podcast’s panel includes a host of stars, filmmakers, and others who love all things sci-fi and horror. And they’ve got a pretty good track record.

One of the founders of Screen rant, Emma Westwood, has a keen interest in horror films, particularly the work of David Cronenberg. She has also been a guest speaker at film festivals and television screenings. Her latest project is a monograph on Cronenberg’s The Fly.

Another of the founders, Lacey Paige, is a recent journalism graduate. She has written for Senses of Cinema, BFI, Scream Magazine, and Fangoria. Other projects include on camera interviews and audio essays. Aside from writing for the magazine, she’s a fan of comic books.

Kyle Kouri is a writer and film enthusiast from Connecticut. He currently resides in New York. He’s been a fan of schlock horror since his late teens, and loves to bike. His favorite movie is Night of the Living Dead.

Shawn Macomber is a writer and editor. His fiction has appeared in Fangoria, Despumation, and the Grey Matter Press anthology Savage Beasts. Also an Art Director, he makes his own films.

Kate Dawson, also a writer, has a blog. When she’s not working, she enjoys retro gaming, cats, and everything macabre. Her final year dissertation dealt with literary sadomasochism.

She’s currently researching repetition compulsion in horror films. Laura Kupp-Beerman has a graduate degree in Early American Literature. As a film critic, she misses MediaPlay. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and writing.

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