Shoe Palace Review: Everything You Need to Know

Do you know what a shoe palace is? If you are not aware of the shoe palace, then don’t worry. In this article we will give you the complete review of the shoe palace. With the help of this article you will know everything about the shoe palace.

Basically, the shoe palace is the well-known and trusted apparel and footwear retail chains present in the US. They started as family business but now the shoe palace has grown into the famous stores chain and the online retail website that is

The founder of the shoe palace was built on the belief that the amazing buyer service is the main thing for the success of any business. However, they always pride themselves because they provide the best service of apparel and shopping to their customers. Their staff and the quality and quality of the products are the best in the town. They are loyal and their staff communication is excellent with their customers.

Founder of The Shoe Palace:

The Mersho Clan is the founder of the shoe palace and they founded it in 1993. Basically the single brick and mortar location in San Jose started the shoe palace. They built the shoe palace on commitment, ingenuity and character.

However, now the chains of shoe palaces are present in the entire southwest location and are still expanding their business to different cities. They got success from one store to more than 160 stores because of their hard work, dedication, and commitment to providing the best quality product.

Shoe Palace Values:

Shoe palace separated itself from the entire market competition from the start because they always want to deliver the best quality. SP always gives respect to every customer because they know very well that customers play an important role in the success of a business. They claimed that they would not get a huge success without their loyal customers.

They have hard-working and faithful staff that know very well how to treat their customers. SP realizes that the best customer service is not enough to make a business successful. That’s why they only deal in premium and branded apparel and footwear. They always provide hot and trending products to their customers. 

Their Culture:

When any customer went to the shoe palace they always treat them as a family member. They know very well how to treat the customers and this thing you will find in every store of the shoe palace. This place becomes a huge apparel and footwear store because the Mersho family takes excellent pride in their entire work. The commitment and the passion you will find in every store of the shoe palace.

Their Mission:

They always try to become more than an apparel and footwear store. They are always committed to making a positive impact on the communities. They try to expand their stores and promise their customers to deliver the best quality products. If you didn’t visit the shoe palace, then you should visit.

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