Simony “punishes” partner after he loses ring

Singer Simony “punished” her partner, Felipe Rodrigues, after he lost his wedding ring. She joked tying the countryman to a pillar of the house.

“Your husband says he lost his ring from time to time? Because mine just asked for help to find his ring. Mine never leaves my finger in my life. Explain yourself! Alliance leaves the finger alone?”, she stated while recording the stories for her Simony Instagram.

Sometimes we lose. She gets away with it,” he joked as he answered the woman. “Here at home we work this way. He lost his ring and is going to sleep here today. He will be grounded because he lost his wedding ring, he will be stuck in the pillar of the room”, she said.

“And go sleep here. That’s how it’s going to be until you find the ring. If you find it, go back to your room. This is the teaching I give you, you lost your alliance, this is the punishment”, said the singer.

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