Taste the Flaky Goodness: Exploring Denver Biscuit Company Iconic Biscuits


Denver Biscuit Company has gained a well-deserved reputation for serving up some of the most delicious and flaky biscuits in town. With their dedication to crafting mouthwatering creations and a menu that caters to all tastes, Denver Biscuit Company has become a go-to destination for biscuit lovers. In this article, we will dive into the rise of Denver Biscuit Company, explore their iconic biscuits, and discover the delightful experience they offer.

The Rise of Denver Biscuit Company

Denver Biscuit Company emerged as a small food truck in 2009 and quickly gained a loyal following. Their dedication to quality, creativity, and exceptional taste led to the opening of their first brick-and-mortar location. Since then, they have become a beloved institution, serving their signature biscuits with a touch of Colorado-inspired flair.

Unveiling the Iconic Biscuits

Denver Biscuit Company’s biscuits are the stars of the show. These flaky, buttery delights are the perfect canvas for a variety of creative and indulgent toppings. From the classic buttermilk biscuit to unique creations like the “Elmer,” which features fried chicken, bacon, and maple syrup, each biscuit is a work of art that delivers a symphony of flavors.

A Menu Full of Delightful Options

While the biscuits take center stage, Denver Biscuit Company’s offers a menu that extends beyond the traditional biscuit experience. Explore their selection of biscuit sandwiches, including savory options like the “Franklin,” filled with ham, fried chicken, and sausage gravy, or the “Cali,” featuring avocado, tomato, and bacon. For those craving something sweet, the menu also offers biscuits with sweet toppings like berries, cream, and house-made jam.

The Flaky Goodness: Biscuit-Making Craftsmanship

Denver Biscuit Company’s takes pride in their biscuit-making craftsmanship. Every biscuit is made from scratch using the finest ingredients, including locally sourced flour and high-quality dairy products. The dough is meticulously layered and folded to create the signature flaky texture that melts in your mouth with every bite. It’s a labor of love that ensures each biscuit lives up to its reputation.

Denver Biscuit Company Locations

Denver Biscuit Company’s has expanded its presence with multiple locations, making it even more accessible for biscuit enthusiasts to savor their offerings. Whether you’re in the heart of Denver or visiting other cities, you can easily find a Denver Biscuit Company location to satisfy your biscuit cravings.

Embracing the Local Community

Denver Biscuit Company’s prides itself on being an active member of the local community. They strive to support local farmers, artisans, and other small businesses by sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible. By embracing the community, Denver Biscuit Company not only provides a memorable dining experience but also contributes to the local economy and fosters connections with their neighbors.


  1. Does Denver Biscuit Company offer gluten-free biscuits?
    • Unfortunately, Denver Biscuit Company’s menu does not currently include gluten-free biscuits. However, they may have other gluten-free options available, such as salads or sides. It’s always best to check with the staff at your chosen location for specific dietary needs.
  2. Can I order Denver Biscuit Company’s biscuits for catering events?
    • Yes, Denver Biscuit Company’s offers catering services for events and gatherings. They can provide a delightful spread of biscuits, sandwiches, and other menu items to make your event a memorable one. Contact your nearest location to inquire about their catering options.
  3. Are there vegetarian or vegan biscuit options at Denver Biscuit Company’s ?
    • Denver Biscuit Company’s does offer vegetarian biscuit options, including biscuits with vegetarian fillings and toppings. However, vegan options may be limited, so it’s advisable to check with the staff for specific dietary requirements.
  4. Can I order Denver Biscuit Company’s biscuits for takeout or delivery?
    • Yes, Denver Biscuit Company’s provides takeout services, allowing you to enjoy their biscuits in the comfort of your own home. Some locations may also offer delivery through third-party services for added convenience.
  5. Are reservations required to dine at Denver Biscuit Company’s?
    • Denver Biscuit Company’s operates on a first-come, first-served basis and typically does not accept reservations. During peak hours, there may be a wait, but rest assured that the delicious biscuits are worth it.

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