The Artful Dodger Release Date: Dickensian Intrigue Unveils Nov 29

The Artful Dodger Release Date: Charles Dickens’s timeless classic, Oliver Twist, is hailed as a 19th-century literary masterpiece, with characters like Oliver, Jack Dawkins, and Fagin becoming beloved figures. Now, The Artful Dodger, a Disney+ original series, injects new life into this narrative. Set 15 years post-Oliver Twist in 1850s Australia amidst the gold rush, the show, starring Thomas Brodie-Sangster, explores Jack Dawkins’ journey as a surgeon in Port Victory. His attempt at a lawful life takes a turn when the cunning Fagin, portrayed by David Thewlis, reappears, pulling him back into a life of thievery. Alongside, Jack forms a complex relationship with Lady Belle Fox, the governor’s daughter aspiring to become the colony’s first female surgeon.

While Oliver remains a heartwarming favorite, Jack and Fagin, the fictional antiheroes, take center stage. Jack Dawkins, known as Artful Dodger, originally taught Oliver the art of pickpocketing, staying true to his moniker with exceptional deception skills. Fagin, the mastermind behind the child criminals in London, adds depth to the narrative. The new series diverges by focusing on Jack’s adult life in Australia, promising to draw parallels with Dickens’s masterpiece. As the October premiere approaches, delve into our comprehensive guide covering The Artful Dodger’s trailer, release date, cast, and more.

When Can You Catch ‘The Artful Dodger’?

Mark your calendars for the Hulu premiere on Wednesday, November 29, with all episodes available for streaming on the same day.

Where to Tune In

Watch the adventure unfold on Hulu in the United States and the Disney+ Star content hub in Australia and other regions without Hulu access.

Sneak Peek: Is There a Trailer?

The streamer tantalizingly released a teaser and early images in October 2023. Transported to 19th-century Australia, the trailer glimpses the gold rushes, introducing key characters like Jack Dawkins, Fagin, and Lady Belle. In Port Victory, Dawkins, now a Surgeon Lieutenant, grapples with concealing his criminal past. Fagin’s return sparks daring heists, and a nuanced connection seems to develop between Jack and Lady Belle, aware of his thieving history.

Episode Count for ‘The Artful Dodger’

Prepare for an eight-episode limited series, each running approximately 60 minutes. Stream all episodes on the premiere day, November 29, 2023.

The Star-Studded Cast

Led by Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Jack Dawkins, the notorious Artful Dodger, and David Thewlis as the mentor and criminal mastermind Fagin, the ensemble boasts talent like Maia Mitchell as Lady Belle Fox. This Australian singer-songwriter-actor, known for The Fosters and Good Trouble, adds depth to the series. The supporting cast includes Damon Herriman, Tim Minchin, Miranda Tapsell, Susie Porter, and more.

The Artful Dodger Release Date (2)

Behind the Scenes: Creators and Producers

Crafted by James McNamara, David Maher, and David Taylor, with McNamara co-writing alongside Andrew Knight, the series promises a fresh perspective. Directors like Jeffrey Walker, Corrie Chen, and Gracie Otto, alongside story consultant Miranda Tapsell, contribute to the creative mix. Executives James McNamara, Andrew Knight, and Jeffrey Walker, along with producer Ross Allsop, ensure a captivating narrative. A joint venture of Sony Pictures Television’s Curio Pictures and Beach Road Pictures, executive producers Jo Porter, David Maher, and David Taylor bring their expertise to this reinvented classic.

Unveiling ‘The Artful Dodger’s’ Plot

A reinvented classic, this Oliver Twist spin-off explores Jack Dawkins’ transformation from a renowned London pickpocket to a surgeon in Australia. Fagin’s return catapults Jack back into his criminal past, unveiling a tale of heists, life-and-death surgeries, and the intricate dance between the criminal underworld and the middle and upper classes.

The Artful Dodger promises a gripping narrative of reinvention, betrayal, redemption, and love, all with a unique twist.

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