The list of 20 sales enablement statistics that will blow your mind

What is sales enablement

Sales enablement is the process of equipping your sales team with the resources, content, skill-based training, tools, and technology required to carry out all the sales activities independently and successfully. It involves people – both the sales team and the customers, processes, and technology.  With the right proportion of the skills, a salesperson becomes fully equipped to grab every opportunity and convert it into sales. Later in this blog, we are going to see the list of 20 sales enablement stats. Before jumping to the list, let’s understand the importance of sales enablement.

Why is sales enablement important

Sales enablement is a necessity in this digital era of sales. Tentatively during the 1990s when the online marketing and sales in the business world started to bloom, every small business owner came to know the importance of content marketing. They started to build resources and invested in training with the latest tools and technology to create the best sales teams for their companies. 

In a typical B2B environment today, sales enablement is crucial as it makes the salespeople ready to take up every opportunity they get and turn it into successful sales. Content is a part of sales enablement but it also includes the other strategies that help to get more leads, engage with them effectively and close more deals faster. Hence sales enablement plays an important role in getting high-quality leads and a better ROI. 

20 sales enablement statistics that will blow your mind

  • 84% of the businesses agree that the industry has become more competitive in recent years.

The more competitive the business market gets, the need for new sales enablement strategies also increases which means your sales team needs to be on par with the latest tools, techniques, and resources. Follow the sales enablement best practices to face the competition.

  • 89% of the customers buy a product based on the overall sales experience

This statistic denotes the consumer’s buying persona is based on the comfort they experience through the conversations with the buyer irrespective of the price or other features. The salesperson has to make the customer feel comfortable and leave a genuine impression about the product.

  • The word “Sales Enablement” is searched 51.2% more than in the previous year on Google.

Can you feel the importance of Sales enablement all over the world now?! Sales enablement has gained huge popularity in business recently and this is the proof.

  • Companies that follow sales enablement strategies have a 49% win rate compared to 42.5% for those who don’t.

Sales managers who have the resources know how many opportunities can a sales rep handle and how to divide work to achieve a higher win rate.

  • Around 26% of sales reps say that their sales training is ineffective.

Which means the old methods are not effective for today’s highly competitive market. Companies should shift their focus to creating up-to-date resources and training materials for the new joinees.

  • 52% of customers expect more personalized offers compared to 49% in 2019.

For example, by tracking customers’ online presence, and their likes and dislikes companies started creating more and more personalized content which turned into the customer expectation today. Not only content but the offers you provide should be customized for each customer.

  • The three most used sales enablement materials by the sales team are email templates (53%), call scripts (39%), and pre-call checklists(37%).

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the sales team should prepare customized email templates and a well-defined sales pitch with a proper CTA at the end.

  • Over 75% of the companies using sales enablement tools experience an increase in their sales in the first year itself.

The right sales enablement tool improves the quality of leads you get and helps you to close more deals in a short span of time.

  • More than 90% of B2B sales teams deny the usage of sales materials stating that they are irrelevant and outdated today.

B2B sales is complicated and using the new, updated marketing strategies and tools can help you in the sales process.

  •  On average, companies that are giving proper training and coaching to the employees can expect a 353% return on investment (ROI).

That’s huge, isn’t it? But it is possible if you are ready to invest in the employee’s training sessions which make them ready to get more deals and generate higher revenue.

  • 65% of sales managers say that lack of time and resources is the biggest challenge they face to complete a task.

This may be due to micro-managing every task of their salespeople. Using field force management software like Lystloc saves your time. With features like task management, field sales report, live tracking, etc sales managers find it easy and time-saving to manage their team and they can concentrate on building resources and strategies.

  •  Companies that align their sales and marketing become 67% better at closing deals.

Though marketing and sales are two different functionalities of business, they need to work in a cohesive and customer-focused manner.

  •  The top 20% of the sales reps generate 53.6% of the company’s total revenue.

This again indicates along with proper training sessions and constant encouragement from the management, the sales reps also have to put constant effort to attain the company’s targets.

  •  Win rates improve by 29% with effective sales coaching.

Conducting induction training programs for the newly recruited sales reps and periodical training sessions on the new tools and technologies to keep the sales team updated are important.

  •  55% of C-suite executives say that sales enablement solutions are the top technology investment necessary to boost sales productivity.
  •  58% of the sales pipeline delays are because of the sales reps who are unable to add value.

Using Lystloc, you can improve your sales team productivity by monitoring their activities on-field using live tracking. This will reduce their idle time and fasten the sales processes.

  • Sales reps spend an average of 440 hours per year trying to find the right resources to share with their prospects.

This data shows how crucial it is for a company to invest in sales enablement.

  • Only 35% of the sales teams track the effectiveness of their content.

Only when you track the performance of any strategy including content, you get to know how well you reach your targeted audience. Accordingly, you can modify your strategies.

  •  In 2020, the sales enablement market is estimated to be worth $1.7 billion.

With the increasing popularity of sales enablement, the companies started investing more to reap its benefits.

  •  76% of the companies with a sales enablement function find an increase in sales between 6% and 20%.

End Thoughts

A strong sales enablement process is a must for every business today which improves the knowledge base of the sales reps and productivity. As we discussed, both the B2C and B2B sales statistics show better results for companies that invested in proper sales enablement strategies. A well-defined sales enablement process supported by the feedback mechanisms and frequent analysis of the data gives a clear picture of whether your strategies are working properly based on which the management would be able to make better business decisions. Hope the above sales enablement statistics help you understand the rising importance of sales enablement.

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