Things to know about Ultra Instinct Dragon Ball Super 

As you know, Dragon Ball is an anime produced by Toei Animation that has marked more than one generation. Over the years, Goku or Kakarot, has undergone many evolutions and transformations. Each is unique and marked by a physical and power change.

Following the story of Dragon Ball Super, Ultra Instinct is Goku’s most potent form, marked by dazzling silver and white eyes. This transformation is slightly different from the previous ones, even the Super Saiyan ones. It is not considered as such but as a completely new technique.

 As a true fan of the Dragon Ball Super series, you need to know everything about this atypical form, and you will learn everything in this article that brings together six things to know about Ultra Instinct.

1- Characteristics of Ultra Instinct

This form is essentially identical to the initial state of Ultra Instinct, although the user’s hair turns a silver color. The warrior’s hair is then much stiffer and more substantial. The eyes are more defined, with silvery irises and visible pupils. In Anime, you can also notice the expressions on a face that is both confident and menacing, enough to scare his opponents.

 The Ultra Instinct aura is a silvery aura composed of magenta blue and violet colored particles. A brilliant mix that should scare anyone.

2- Ultra Instinct Mastered

Son Goku’s transformation into his Ultra Instinct form is done in a very similar way to transforming into Super Saiyan. But often, a modification of such importance is not so easy to activate. A Super Saiyan transformation can occur after a shocking event like the death of a loved one, and it’s pretty much the same for Ultra Instinct. 

His desperate fight for survival against Jiren allows him to break through his limits. And finally, activate the initial form of Ultra Instinct after taking the full force of his own Spirit Bomb and the massive Ki charge. Goku will finally be able to master Ultra Instinct after this situation change.

3- Vegeta Ultra Instinct

There is a long history of friendship and hate between Goku and Vegeta. Being Goku is more powerful than Vegeta, the latter is jealous of his power and will try to surpass himself, by all means, to reach his strength and improve. It’s an obsession for him. 

Angel Whis explains to Goku and Vegeta that reaching Ultra Instinct is extremely difficult and requires completely emptying the mind of all thought and then relying on pure impulse. As for Vegeta in particular, Whis advises, “You two still think too much before you act instead of just acting. I’m afraid this habit is powerful on you, Vegeta.”

That’s why Goku is the only mortal who can reach this stage at the moment. Maybe Vegeta will surpass him one day; perseverance is always worth it. He 

4- The limits of Ultra Instinct

Although Ultra Instinct is a powerful technique, it has its limits. First, it is not a form that Goku can willingly adopt, which means that this technique is only viable in cases of extreme danger. 

Even worse, Ultra Instinct is not viable in terms of durability. Beyond a minute or two in this form, Goku’s body begins to suffer the adverse effects of this excess power, leading to painful shocks of Dark Ki and then potential loss of consciousness. 

5- Will Goku be able to use Ultra Instinct Again

Towards the end of Dragon Ball Super, Goku explains to Vegeta that he can no longer attain the Ultra Instinct, assuming that he transformed after being pushed past his limits by Jiren. He cannot activate his transformation when he wants to, and he is afraid of not being able to use it again.

And it’s normal; Ultra Instinct is the most evolved form; you should know that it is difficult to achieve and doesn’t work like the other transformations.

6- Kame Sennin Ultra Instinct

At the moment, Goku Super Saiyan is the only one who can reach the form of Ultra Instinct, but it would be very likely that Kame Sennin could one day get this form. Kame Sennin can block and dodge Jiren’s attacks before finally being defeated.

Although he didn’t win, grandpa taught Goku a legendary lesson: that he should fight using his skills and talent instead of raw power, a task that Goku seems to keep in mind, as he will soon reach Ultra Instinct for the first time and will display unprecedented speed and body control.

Final Words

So, this theory is still a bit vague and doesn’t confirm that Kame Sennin can one day use Ultra Instinct, but let’s believe it for a moment. 


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