Three Reasons Writing A Book Should Be Your Next Career Move

Are you the leading expert in your industry? Have you had to overcome significant challenges to achieve your current success? Perhaps you are a lifestyle influencer with a well-being message to share with the world? Or are you a trailblazing changemaker making a positive impact on the people around you? If one of these sounds familiar, writing a book could be the way to leverage your expertise to increase your personal market value, establish your authority, and open up lucrative revenue streams. Why do it? According to publishing guru and book marketing expert, Tyler Wagner, your success as an author drives success in the wider world.

Make An Impact

Wagner is the visionary mind behind AuthorsUnite, a unique publishing company with a marketing focus that has taken over a thousand authors to bestseller status. He says, “Books are essentially where people learn, so if I can help the people writing the books succeed then the people reading them will also have a chance of success too”. 

Success is what his clients have experienced. Wagner’s marketing-centric approach to publishing has landed his books in a variety of bestseller lists, including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Amazon, USA Today, Barnes and Noble, and more. 

For Wagner, writing a book takes your leadership and shares it with the people who could benefit most from your expertise. It is an outlet to increase the impact you can make in your career. No longer are you limited by your audience – a bestselling book can put you in the spotlight globally.

Establish Your Authority

There’s little else that sells your authority as an industry expert as credibly as a bestselling book. Selling thousands of copies of your ideologies and thoughts cements your place as a leader and changemaker. Don’t be put off by the process, says Tyler Wagner. Common barriers to starting a book can be overcome with the right publisher by your side. 

He says, “Lots of people in the US believe they have a book in them but they don’t do it. There are a lot of reasons why – it’s a side project, they don’t have time, or they don’t believe they are a good enough writer. We eliminate all those limiting beliefs and provide them a service – whether it’s with them or for them – to ensure they become an author.” 

Increase Your Personal Market Value

Overcoming limitations and taking the plunge to write a book can be a smart financial move too. Literary success opens up a range of revenue streams that leverage your newly-recognized industry authority. A bestselling book can drive keynote speaking opportunities, panel invitations, and even media interviews. In essence, a high-profile, highly successful book venture fundamentally raises your personal market value.

Ultimately, Tyler Wagner believes that by helping aspiring authors succeed, he is helping the world succeed. Write a book, and you will increase your ability to make a positive impact. But how wide you cast your net is key. According to Berrett-Koehler publishers, “The average US book sells less than 200 copies per year.” A statistic that Wagner is keen to avoid for his clients. “Authors spend months to years writing a book then no-one reads it.” According to Wagner, professional help throughout the writing, publishing, and marketing process is vital in ensuring your book is a profitable career step. He concludes, “We write books for people and market books for people. We ensure their book gets enough eyeballs to give it a chance at success.”


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