Tips for Having a Beard in the Office

Traditionally, many men believed that you should not have a beard in the workplace. Instead, the clean-shaven look was popular and thought to be more professional. However, times have changed, and facial hair can now be seen as stylish. It does not have the same negative connotations it once had in the workplace.

So, know that many companies are going to allow you to have a beard. But, there are some things you might want to do to feel your best and keep a formal appearance. So, here are some tips for having a beard in the office.

Understand Your Workplace

First of all, you have to understand where you work. There are going to be situations where it might not be appropriate to have a beard. Yes, it can be fashionable and you might want to sport one. But, it could be a facial style that gets in the way. For example, if you have to wear a mask all the time or you have practical elements to your job.

Thus, consider your workplace first. It might be difficult to safely have a beard. The last thing you want is to jeopardize work performance or create a risk for yourself. So, know when you should call time on the beard.

Keep it Tidy and Trimmed

It is still a modern concept to have a beard in the office. Yes, the world is changing, and now you can have a beard and still be professional. But, something you should know is that tidy is best. In other words, having a messy and unkept beard might not give a good impression. You can look like you do not care about your appearance.

So, to ensure you stay professional and look like you have taken the time to look good, it is best to keep your beard tidy and trimmed. This means that you should take the time to shave off stray hair and keep the beard neat. For example, a carbon steel razor might be exactly what you need to use. The blades on a safety razor are sharp, and when you have a quality handle, it is easier to control your shaving. This allows you to shape the beard exactly as you want it.

Prioritise Hygiene

You want to have a healthy and clean-looking beard when you are in the office. This ensures that everyone gets a good impression of you and you appear professional. Indeed, you want to make sure that you are wasting your beard and conditioning the hair. This is going to make a different in how it looks. It is also going to help the skin underneath your beard if you suddenly decide you want to ditch the style.

Therefore, prioritise hygiene and ensure you are taking care of your beard. This includes using beard butter and balms, as well as shampoos for facial hair. You should also brush your beard if the hair is long enough. There are even some products you can use to hold the hair in place and ensure they are neat.

Short is Best

Again, you still want to appear professional in the workplace and as if you are taking care of your appearance. This is all part of office formality. Just like you are supposed to brush your hair and keep it neat, the same has to go for your beard. Indeed, you get your hair cut when it is messy. The same should apply to your beard, and you do not want things to get out of control.

Ultimately, it is recommended that having a short beard is best. This appears more formal and as if you are taking care of it. It will also be easier to manage in the mornings before you are going to work. What’s more, it is often said that a shorter beard looks cleaner and more presentable.

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